Monday, 30 September 2013

Blip: All hail the pope and his all-reaching caress.

Chief vampire radios to God and all-round opponents to harmony and peace in the world are being sanctified next April. Yes, I’m talking about our favourite two of the four Beatles, Pope John Paul II and arch child-sex advocate, Pope John XXIII.

So the voice of God was fed through these two thralls and yet they weren’t saints already. Being in the actual presence of God and being chosen to be His voice in the Vatican and His inappropriate hand on the thigh of the underage world isn’t enough for sainthood? But this isn’t a problem, like I said, they’re being made saints next April. Apparently God’s will waits for paperwork and public opinion.

As you may have guessed, this recent news story is simply a jumping-off point to complain about the rampant evil that spills from Catholicism and Catholics across the world. Also, as you may not be aware, I’m not Catholic.

Practically, my problems with Catholicism are all of the usual, tangible issues that people have: The policy of protecting sex offenders, the denial of aid to non-converters, the spreading of misinformation, the exploitation of the vulnerable and the stupid, the insane principles they spread regarding condoms and abortions, their advocacy of rape as a means of reproduction, their denial of what little fun people have in this world.

Beyond that, though, Catholicism’s general views raise some far more troubling issues. For deists, God is a creator but not a maintainer: He made and he left. We’re now adrift and either searching for God or attempting to find our way without Him. This is certainly one way to understand the ‘evils’ in the world. i.e. God is/was all good, God created people and free will, God disappeared and people were left to their own devices, the absence of the light of God leads to evil. It’s a shame but it’s also, in theory, fixable. The implication of that is like being in the middle of a desert without any map or means of transportation. It seems hopeless but it clearly isn’t. Salvation still could lie over the next dune.

For Protestants and many other non-Catholic denominations of Christianity, God has not left but since the Old Testament, He has taken a back-seat due to realising that direct interaction with humans is troublesome and only causes more problems. The same logic applies here. One way or another, we’re not being led directly by a deity and so evil begins to build. Again salvation is possible. Personal salvation can be earned by doing good, by believing in Jesus, by donating your empty wealth to the all-consuming Church monster. Heaven still seems possible and desirable.

What about Catholicism? The problem is that they don’t believe that God has gone or taken a backseat; they believe that he is still in full swing as far as his influence on the world is concerned. God is still acting through people and through events. He is the ultimate puppeteer pulling the strings of us all in a twisted marionette dance for his pleasure and all evil has its uttermost root in Him. This means that all evil, every disgusting act you’ve ever seen or heard of, every rape and murder, every death, every bomb, gun, knife, litre of spilled blood, every painful infection and psychological trauma, every single instance of suffering and pain is the unfiltered, unaltered influence of God.

What hope is there now if this is the case? If God can happily create and oversee a world with such intense evil in it, how appealing could a heaven made by that God possibly be?

All hail the Pope and his all-reaching caress.


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