Monday, 1 July 2013

Blip: Imperialist politi-rant


Still we find ourselves engaged in a long-term war of national denial. We may not be involved directly in Syria but can anyone honestly pretend that as a nation we’re completely neutral? The remarkable thing is that despite continued reports and confirmations of human rights abuses and other atrocities committed by the melting-pot of differently-aimed groups that we imperialistically term the ‘Syrian Rebels’, we still openly support their general, uncertain cause of destroying what semblance of structure the country has, regardless of what that power vacuum will lead to.

There are two worlds of reasons here to look at: The real reasons and the reasons the media tell us (and subsequently, we try to tell ourselves).

Let’s start with the latter. I needn’t go into close inspection because these fall apart ridiculously easily:

-The Syrian government have been implicated in human rights abuses: Well, so have the rebels (for example, a catholic priest was recently beheaded, clearly the act of a sensible political group) So, if we’re to believe that this reason is valid and that it justifies forcibly removing the government then we should be doing it ourselves and not supporting a group (or loose association of groups) that have been implicated in the same way.

-The Syrian people are demanding democracy: This touches on one of the real reasons but we’ll get to that. If the Syrian people are genuinely demanding democracy, then we should leave them to it, it’s hardly our business. Simply, if we’re putting the control of the country into the people’s hands then why are we getting involved at all? For us to support any group over another, it requires our bringing in of an opinion that isn’t Syrian. i.e. The power is entirely in the people of Syria’s hands but we’ll still weigh in with our, non-Syrian, opinion. Herp a derp.

Amazingly, I think I’ve reached the end of the fake reasons. That’s how little it takes to convince us that our obsessive and biased involvement in other countries’ affairs is anything other than deceptive imperialism for the modern age, which brings us onto the real reasons:

-Our leaders don’t like Assad: Seem childish? That’s because it is. It’s not even a tiny bit more mature than schoolyard bullying based on whatever traits are most physically apparent and, therefore, repulsive.

-Long live the British Empire!: Our culture, despite the aforementioned shroud of denial, is one of permanently incomplete expansionism wrapped in the unquenchable belief of our inherent superiority and therefore that our place at the top of the world is reserved and waiting for our arrival. No longer is our arrogance based on race; we’re now a ‘multi-cultural’ society, which means we occupy multiple rows of the Dulux paint range. Painful as this may be to hear for the racist likes of Diane Abbott and her terrible ilk, our white man’s superiority complex has dissolved. While there are still issues (caused by said racists), our misguided notions of leadership destiny are now built on mere cultural history alone.

Hence, the denial. We now disagree with all the reasons for our prior imperialism and yet continue with the sentiment.





  1. Blippop,

    Avid Blippop-blog reader here. I do apologise for commenting on a post this old, but this post's age is precisely why I'm commenting at all!

    It's been a very long time since your last post, and I'm beginning to become anxious for another good read. Have you stopped writing on your blog permanently? If so, could you shed some light as to why?

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Avid Blippop-blog reader, very glad to hear about your eponymous occupation.

      We most definitely haven't stopped the blog; we were sidetracked by nature. Oddly, we've designated today as the day that the blog is to resume ordinary function.

      We've suffered under a rather terrible heatwave, which scrambled our minds for just over 2 months; it's just ended and so finally we can get back on track. Our first post back will be up shortly and will serve both as an explanation of our absence and an official complaint to the sun.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Here's hoping.



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