Thursday, 13 June 2013

Blip: Welcome back omelette sandwich!

I haven't posted in a while but now, hopefully, I've got back into the swing of things and back into regular effort into the blog front. 

To start things off again, I thought I'd make a special, more lightweight post. The other day, an online friend of mine with somewhat of a fetish for well-cooked noms, showed me a Youtube video, which inspired us both to try it out immediately. The video, if you haven't bothered clicking the link because you can't spare a precious minute of your time (though, presumably you have enough to read this pointless little ramble, which, if I've planned it correctly, should take you about a minute and as such demonstrate how small a time a minute really is and hopefully guilt any non-compliants into actually watching the simple, short, slightly grainy, phone-shot video relevant to this post) is a street vendor cooking an omelette sandwich with almost ruthless efficiency in a highly appealing manner befitting of the eponymous, although over-used, 'fast-food' title. I tried it, liked it, tried it again and, both times, added a few extra touches.

On with the Recipe!

 Ingredients per serving:

-2 slices off bread
-2 eggs
-extras for the omelette (in this case, half an onion)
-spices (e.g. paprika)
-herbs (basil or tarragon)
-sea salt/black pepper

Toast bread just a tiny amount. Just enough to hold its shape but not colour at all. (Yes, I mean colour! It has a 'u'! Damn you Blogspot spell check!). Let's try this without distractions. 

Toast bread a tiny amount. Just enough to hold its shape but with no colour (...). Butter both sides of the bread and put aside. 

Crack and mix eggs in a jug or bowl, add salt, pepper and extras (spices, herbs, onion, cheese, ham, anything.) 

Put a large bottomed pan on the hob (I use my favourite wok) and heat vociferously (a lot). When very hot, pour the eggs in and spread them round (standard omelette style). After just a second, while the eggs are still wet, put the bread onto them. This way it fuses and cooks as one. It also allows for the characteristic flips of the video. 

Flip the whole construction over once the omelette is solid. Fry the bread to your liking. Then half-flip it so the omelette is inside the pieces of bread, cut in half with the spatula, remove and serve. 

It's easy, it's fun, it's customisable, it's tasty, it's cheap and it's full of lovely, lovely content. 



Pictures source: Demotivational 
All other pictures taken by me. 

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