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Pop: Why Men Don't Matter

Cries come from across the country. ‘Teach our children respect.’ In order to make them grow up as proper decent members of society they must be taught that the best way to live is to show respect for your fellow citizens of the world. Elaboration of this line however follows the same course every time. ‘Teach the boys to respect girls, teach girls to respect themselves.’

Female genital mutilation in any form is illegal in all ‘civilised’ nations of the world. We actively try to encourage people in other countries to not commit this crime. Male genital mutilation is legal and advocated by large amounts of people in the world who see it as ‘cleaner,’ and having no negative effects. It is religious so it is okay. There are no crowds of protesting people calling for more action on male mutilation. In fact when a woman was reported to have castrated her husband, I watched a clip of an American news programme where Sharon Osbourne found it hilarious and seemed to be under the belief that if a woman did it, he must have deserved it. The argument that it is ‘healthier to not have it’ makes as much sense as routinely removing the appendix of non-consenting children.

It is mutilation and should be as much of a crime no matter who it is inflicted on. Jewish practises that involve physical harm to children should be seen with the same eye as the practises of sending children out into the forest to test their strength or throwing foreigners in a pot and dancing round it to make the rain come: Barbaric, outdated and morally repugnant. But as I seem to routinely forget, girls and their sexual organs must be respected while boys can ritualistically have an area of their anatomy chopped off without any choice in the matter and they seem to deserve none. I always seem to forget that men don’t matter.

All three political parties have policies specifically for women. The policies of organisations such as this seem to be split into women and everyone else. When I ask proponents of these ideas why the same isn’t offered to men I am repeatedly told that there ‘isn’t enough of a call for it.’ Most gender inequalities are inflicted on women making men the minority in this case. Minorities are less important and so the issues where women are treated unfairly deserve more respect and more acknowledgement. I always seem to forget that men don’t matter.

Domestic violence rates tend to be skewed in the favour of women. Women are told to respect themselves, they are told that they should not allow a man to hit them. We have charities and organisations such as ‘end violence against women’ while violence against men is thrown into the category of ‘violence’ and that isn’t as bad unless it happens against a person with the correct skin colour and then it becomes ‘race crime’ or ‘hate crime’ rather than just the plain old violence of a person being assaulted. We should end violence full stop; there should be no provisos affixed to that in order to make attacking certain people more important. Domestic violence is domestic violence. But no, I am told that men are inherently violent and it means more when a woman is attacked. A man should be a man and suck it up, if a woman hits a man they’re just weak and a disgrace to their gender. Women should be allowed to hit men, put them in their place. When I complain further the same argument is brought out again. Male domestic violence cases are the minority, the minority doesn’t deserve as much respect. But they’re just the minority beacause they’re too humiliated and scared to cry out, I declare. They’re the minority because we have no system in place for domestic abuse in that direction, charities don’t care and refuges are set up for women to have a safe place from men, not the other way round. The cycle continues, I am just told that men are inherently violent and allowing themselves to be hit by a woman is either justified retribution or weakness. Besides, the posters say its all men against women, and why would the posters lie? I always seem to forget that men don’t matter.

When two people come together and have a child, the father is pushed away. They are looked on like a leper in childcare establishments and excluded from the gatherings of cackling witches at playgroups and nurseries. They are looked on as lesser with regards to jobs in the industry and there is a massive bias towards hiring women or ‘mummies’ in order to look after young children. I point out this inequality to women who try to get more women into business and am told ‘well men are more likely to be paedophiles.’ Men are inherently violent after all, we already established that. Men are seen to not understand the process of bringing up children, they are seen as inferior in all parenting regards and again the same argument is presented to me. ‘men who want to be involved in their children’s lives are the minority and the minority doesn’t deserve as much respect.’ Not only that but nothing can replace the bond between a mother and their child. It is intrinsicly more important than the bond between father and child. Single mothers are saints and all men are worthless feckless violent kiddy fiddlers and the problem is in fact mine because I just cant keep it in my head that men don’t matter. 

Young boy children are treated as if they are bad and evil and a distraction to girls. They just want to play violent games and look at porn, they are in no way as sophisticated as little girls and lack the behavioural decorum that a girl does. They are less mature. That, according to what I’ve been told, is why the girl guides must be allowed to stay gender specific. Girls have to have a safe place to protect them from boys and their distraction.  But no, I cry out. Girls and boys only fall into these stereotypes because we train them to from when they’re born, we stereotype them from the moment they rip their way out of their mother and psychological experiments have proven that we treat children differently based on  their gender. We are rougher with boys, encouraging them to be rougher in return. We try to make them strong, try to make them like proper men despite calling for equality at the same time, we want to have our cake and eat it too, evidence of the fact that women are vying for gender superiority and not equality as they posit. I am told I am wrong, boys are natural rapists. They are inferior to women, something about their Y chromosome makes them impure, ‘untermenschen’ so to speak. I always forget that men don’t matter.

As we reach international women’s day again I am told repeatedly, over and over, that if all women were like me, we would never have been given the vote. By my standing up for men I am a traitor to my gender and not worthy of the luxurories my equality affords me. In the hierarchy of discrimination, men are the minority and so I shouldn’t care. I should put my efforts into helping women, push forwards for positive discrimination to ensure more women in politics. I should work for ‘women’s issues’ and their increased time in the spotlight, I should be fighting for ending violence towards women, preventing sexual harassment against women, preventing rape, but only against women. I should vote for the female candidates in elections and make my husband do the washing up. I should show solidarity to my sisters because the fact that we are women makes us superior, the fact that there is any form of discrimination towards any woman makes women’s issues of vital importance while anything towards men is just bog-standard average crime and the police will deal with that so I should ignore it. It cant be discrimination if its against a group that the people don’t consider to be deserving of time and effort.

Because of the sheer volume of atrocities that have happened in the history of the world, some of them were, inevitably, done against women. And the very fact that there is a woman somewhere being pinched on the arse means that the man next door whose wife has already pushed him down the stairs doesn’t matter. Despite the fact that men are seen to be in power in society, it is our boys who we treat to be respectful and not the girls.

Men don’t matter. They should never have done and feminism aims to ensure that they never do again.

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