Saturday, 22 December 2012

Pop: Philosophy through Minecraft - The Creeper Apocalypse

It is currently the 22nd of December, which means that the world didn’t end. 

The world was never going to end of course, because the world doesn’t end when calenders end. That isn’t how measurements of time work now, we don’t see the 31st of December looming and think that the world will end, we understand that the calendar is a continuing system of cycles that we have arbitrarily divided up into 365 and a quarter days. However when fingerpointers see the end of a calendar that is different from their own, they decide that there must be something supernatural and predictive about it. When fingerpointers hear that the Mayan calendar ends on the 21st December 2012 they presume that means that people all those years ago must have had some power that there is no record of, and they must have chosen this date on purpose. 

If you hear the Mayans talk of course, the people who still speak ancient Mayan and who live in the place where the calendar would have been made, they call the date a new beginning, the start of a new section of time. But the idiotic Westerners still flock there to see the world end, giving the people who live there, and who fully understand how stupid the Westerners are, a fortune in money from tourism. 

Doomsday prophecies come from ignorance about other cultures. We see something different, that doesn’t quite fit with our cushioned view of the world, and so we decide it must be supernatural. The only way something outside our realm of knowledge can exist is if it has some magical properties associated with it. 

Consider the scenario when taken out of our world. 

Consider Minecraft Blip. He has found a strange object while wandering about the world he lives in.

 He watches it for a while and eventually as the sun sets, it changes slightly.

The change in the object shocks him, so the next night he watches the object and another block disappears.

He tells himself that the world will end when the sandstone blocks are gone. There is no backing for this, but he understands the pattern of the object and can see no other reason for it to count down in such a manner. 

Minecraft Pop comes to observe the object and another block disappears, again at the same time of day. Minecraft Pop has a clock in her inventory and points out to Blip that they count down in the same way, so logic would dictate that the strange object is merely an oddly designed time keeping device. 

Minecraft Blip however finds the object confusing and continues to tell himself that the world is ending. He believes that when the last block vanishes there will be a plague of creepers and the whole world will be blown up. 

He has told himself this so much, that he has forgotten it came from his own mind. He references the idea as if it is something that somebody else told him, that he has evidence of. The object that he has found doesn’t look exactly like a clock and he doesn’t know how it got there, so it must be something paranormal or predictive. The object is the end of the world and Minecraft Pop is simply trying to find comfort where there is none.

The last block is about to disappear on the clock. Minecraft Blip is hiding in a shelter has spent all his time over the last few days making. He hasn’t completed any of the jobs he intended to, and has instead focused solely on trying to hide from the apocalypse he has forgotten that he made up. 


He watches through the door as the last block disappears and holds his breath, waiting for the world to end with an excited fervour because the situation is so built up in his head, but all that happens is that the sandstone reappears on the structure and the clock goes back to where it was in the first place.

Well, who knew?

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