Thursday, 13 December 2012

Pop: Feminist firing squads set sights on boys with dirty fingernails

There is a school in the South of England that has listened to the advice of its girl students and decided to give the boys some lessons in manners to stop them being ‘rude’ and ‘unclean.’ Apparently boys no longer open the doors for women and don’t know how to treat a lady.

Apart from the overgeneralisation of males, which quite frankly is laced into nearly every part of the media, this has astounded me. All teenagers are irritating to be around because they are finding out who they are as people, being everything that society hates is the entire point of being that age. Claiming that only one gender is guilty of this is blatant sexism and if it were the other way round there would be feminists up and down the country outraged. You only have to go into a town centre in an evening and you start having to dodge the women pissing in the street or throwing up on each other, you only have to go into a McDonalds to know that there are women too who are incapable of moving their prams out of the way for other people or holding a door open. 

This entire scheme is based on a sexist stereotype that young men act a very specific way and for most it just isn’t true. Maybe they are yet to have turned into the emancipated drones that work in offices and jump like rabbits when their wife calls, wondering what they’re going to be told off for next, but if anything that’s a good thing. Men have a life of being metaphorically spat at by women on a daily basis ahead of them, if they want to be themselves as teenagers then they should feel free. Society is so quick to dictate how people act, it’s refreshing to see a teenager swearing and shouting without caring of the implications, it’s refreshing to see a teenager not dressing how everyone else tells them to. One of the only good things that feminism did was kill off the idea that men had to be gentlemen and women had to be ladies. We are allowed to be our own people and returning the idea of manners to school, particularly for only one gender, is a backwards step that only further allows feminists to gain superiority for women.

 If we teach young boys that they have to act a certain way, and then leave the orange faced straight-dyed-haired harpies to do what they want we are left with one gender being controlled and one gender doing what they want. That is sexism. And sexism is what we are supposed to be getting away from. Instead I am watching the news and seeing identical-looking shirt-wearing sixteen year olds learning that they have to open doors for women and learning how to pour wine properly or how many forks are needed on a table, while the rough girls carry on their education, vindicated in their belief that all boys carry exactly the same characteristics and are all inferior to them.

Manners should come from a willingness inside the person. It isn’t difficult to say please or thank you, it isn’t difficult to move to the side if someone is coming down the street or to hold the door open for a person coming out of a building but the fact that we do it is a sign of the type of person we are or our feelings towards the person in question. Manners mean nothing if we all do it without thinking, manners is a statement and not something to be forced upon all of us whether we want to do it or not. 

My final point is a rather more personal one. I have never, not once in my life, met an old person with manners. All old people I have met push past, are rude in the street, never say please, never say thank you and think that it is okay to slam doors in my face. If manners are a problem they are a problem with the whole of society, not just with young people and certainly not just with men. Teaching backwards upper class ideals in schools is simply a further example of the insidious ageism and sexism that has become okay in society and another way of making the next generation terrified of the feminist firing squads or fostering their belief that the hate these women spit out is true. 

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