Friday, 28 December 2012

Blip: Christmas Update Ramble

Despite having to fight off the standard obligations that seem to be waiting around every corner during the holiday season, I like Christmas. I don’t attribute any spirituality or confuzzled history to it, I just find it a pleasant time for a few, fairly mundane reasons. It’s cold and I like it when it’s cold; you can be more productive and more comfortable, you can wrap up and put the fire (or the electric heater) on. There is the chance of snow, which significantly dies away in the summer and snow is magical stuff. It mesmerises us as children, frustrates us as motorists and, frankly, destroys our infrastructure as a nation. English people can’t handle weather ‘extremes’ by the way. I don’t mean typhoons and pyroclastic flows, I mean slightly over average heat or below average cold. Our old and sick drop off like flies and our children lose their minds.

But back to the point, if I had a point: Another reason I like Christmas is because I like presents and I dislike surprises. So we get to plan each other’s presents, buy and wrap them together and still open them happily. That’s what led me to getting three fantastic ocarinas from Songbird Ocarinas. They’re high quality, they’re beautiful and they sound fantastic but I’m not doing an advert for them so for the sake of balance, they don’t make me sandwiches, they don’t know how to fry bacon and I’ve yet to see any one of them present a truly viable plan of how to improve the waning financial situation in Europe. There. Balance. Other than that we both got stacks of DVDs. We collect DVDs from second-hand places en masse. We probably consider ourselves cineophiles; we don’t just watch lots of films once and comment unilaterally on the plot. We watch and re-watch and spend so much of our time between watching making references and discussing the subtleties of theme and message, intertextuality and defamiliarisation etc. Because of this, DVDs are the best thing to get as gifts. In fact, seeing as I’m talking about our love of films, I will suggest a couple that are worth watching, in case anyone likes films but never knows quite what to go out and find. First off, John Hillcoat’s ‘The Road’, which came out in 2009, is definitely worth seeing. John Hillcoat is a relatively new director, although he is responsible for The Proposition, another worthy recommendation. I’m not bothering to give out details or to go into why I’m recommending these films, only that they are worth seeing by people that like their films to have more to them than a ‘fun-for-all-the-family’ kind of vibe. I will do reviews as and when they occur to me. Another to look out for is the Spanish film REC (remade, short for shot, as Quarantine in America only to be fucked up as usual with a meaningless and gratuitous sequel), which is a shaky camerawork horror film set in an apartment building. Then, Miike Takashi’s Crows Zero is something we watched only last night and we found it as appealing as every other one of his we’ve seen.

But anyway, moving on. I can’t keep you long, you’re probably busy. I’m thinking of starting a Youtube account. We tried Minecraft videos but they were too structured, this time I was considering doing a Vlog version of this Blog. Essentially based around philosophy but also with some politics and our other interests.

I’m aware of the pointlessness of this post; I thought I’d address this issue by pointing it out directly. I have nothing ground-breakingly current to talk about right now. My thoughts are on other things and our T.V. is anywhere but the news. We get too sick of how biased it all is; everything is shown or not shown but also edited to give a distinctly Western, English tilt on things. I’ve seen American news so I know it could be a thousand times worse but nonetheless it bothers me. If you’re not American, you should check out some of their news channels. It’s funny because it’s terribly edited, put together purely to manipulate the nation into thinking America is the greatest country in the world and the rest of the world is jealous and yet it also rips into North Korean state television for being a biased service present only for spreading the message of the government. Hypocrisy, thy name is the U.S.A. But then, that’s nothing new. 


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