Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pop: Philosophy through Minecraft - The search for perfect health

Society is like The Thing. It is concerned only with the continuation of itself and treats its individual members like they believe the same thing. This is the reason why we are constantly told that everything we do is bad for our health; immortality is a goal that is forced onto all of us whether we like it or not. But in truth our health is much more of a subjective matter. It is our choice when we die, or how long a life we would consider correct. There are people who want to die before forty and others who want to live to eighty. 

Minecraft Pop and Minecraft Blip both have a set length to their life, one day they will die but they have no idea when or how that will happen. Minecraft Blip follows every suggestion that society makes. 

Imagine Minecraft Blip and Pop are suspended over lava, each stood on disintegrating towers of dirt. They will die when the last block goes; it's inevitable. Now consider Minecraft Blip:

His tower goes down by one block a day, giving him the longest amount of life possible. 

Minecraft Blip has decided that he will not smoke and he will not drink, he won’t eat fatty foods and he won’t let himself suffer through any stress.

Minecraft Pop however likes to have fun. 

Minecraft Pop smokes and drinks. She eats what she likes and doesn’t exercise. Her tower goes down at a much faster rate.

As far as society is concerned, Minecraft Blip is living a healthy lifestyle. However this doesn’t take into consideration his idea of health. If he wants to die young then his lifestyle is unhealthy. It does not promote good social, physical and mental well being because the end point of his life is not what he would consider positive. 
Minecraft Pop on the other hand has always wanted to live forever and so her lifestyle is unhealthy. She will cause enough damage to her body that the amount of time she could potentially live for is dramatically reduced. 

If their opinions were switched then it would be completely possible for Minecraft Pop to be the healthy one. If her goals in life involved dying at thirty, she would be doing everything that she could to achieve those goals and would therefore consider herself to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Another point to consider is that when someone is said to be smoking, we naturally presume they smoke 40 a day. If Minecraft Pop smokes one cigarette a week, she will not demolish her tower any quicker than Minecraft Blip. No matter how much people are told that one cigarette can kill you, it just isn’t true. 

If both of them are stood on their towers at the top and Minecraft Pop chooses a lifestyle wherein she does all the things that the government try to ban her from, her tower will not necessarily collapse any faster than anyone elses. Both Minecraft Blip and Minecraft Pop have a chance of their tower being taken out from underneath them at any point, Pop’s won’t necessarily vanish first even if their towers start off at the same height. 

Minecraft Blip may have an aneurysm that he didn’t know about, which means that the concealed TNT block beneath him explodes. 

Whereas Pop, who dies when she finally digs out enough of her dirt blocks, would still have a longer life even if she sped up the decline of her tower. By smoking she does not inherently give herself a chance of dying from lung cancer, but the more frequently and the longer that she does it  the more she increases her chances. In the end she will still have over 75% chance of not plummeting from lung cancer, whereas Minecraft Blip, whatever he does, has a much higher chance of hitting the TNT and having his brain explode. 

Both Minecraft Blip and Minecraft Pop need to remember two important things about the towers that they stand on. The first is that they decide whether the height of their tower is a good thing or a bad thing, their health is all dependent on their perception of life and not the one society pedals for its own self-serving end.
The second is that no matter how they live their lives, they have no idea how long their tower was made in the first place, and when they’re stood on top of it they have no way of ever knowing whether the block that they’re digging is their last. 

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