Friday, 5 October 2012

Pop: Save ambition! Nuke whales instead!

I managed to be happy for a short while over the acquisition of my first print book; I nearly became one of those people that I hate who are irritatingly perky and positive. It was only natural of course that something would bring me down and that something turned out to be the Labour party.

I have never professed to have a great love for the Labour party. I find them and their ideas distasteful in general, but mainly I find issue with their ignorance over minority opinion. They seem, as a party, incapable of realising that the majority isn’t the only important group in society and every bit of power they achieve pushes the intelligent among us one step closer to obscurity and extinction. I say this following a childhood and education where they were in power, an education I would call traumatic.

When Labour are in power, the teachers in schools are encouraged to ignore anyone expected to get above a C. My teachers would have nothing to do with me because if I got less than my potential it didn’t matter to their targets, whereas my friends would get all the help they wanted to make sure that their pass went on the records. Blip’s university lecturers even use the toff’s error, they can’t grasp restrictive and non-restrictive clauses and they use the American spellings of words because they are no better educated in their own language than the students.

The conservative party are being ripped into for trying to change this, because the majority of people in the country are C standard at best. It wouldn’t be average otherwise. But because there are intelligent people above them, the fingerpointers get touchy about anybody who might be helped to get higher grades so when two-tier education is considered they try to stop it. Rather than thinking about bettering the country or helping other people they care only for their own ego.

The majority being allowed to rule over the few is the eventuality of any democracy. Minority opinion such as mine or the plight of the intelligent few will always be ignored the closer we get to the American dream, a country where this has already occurred for a long time. But the problem with the way England deals with it is that for people of my generation there is now nothing to look forward to. The people who suppress minorities suppress the rich. The labour party picks on the conservatives for being rich and claims that the only fair way to run a country is to take 50% of their earnings away from them.

Fifty percent. Can you imagine working really hard to get to the top of the business world,  riding high on your own success, only to find that if you’d worked half as hard you would keep a larger amount of the money that you earnt with your own two hands? I sincerely doubt there are many who hold that opinion and I’m certainly not one of them. If I build my writing career up from nothing to earning enough that I would consider myself rich, I want to keep the same percentage of money as my parents would pay on their average middle class income. Of course it would be more but by paying the same percent it would at least be fair.

So, when I earn the amount of money that I want, I’m going to move to Germany. I will be taxed there, of course I will. But their tax rates are fairer and they value traits such as intelligence to the same degree that they value others. There is no hierarchy put onto abilities, you aren’t suddenly better if you can hit a wall than if you can add up complicated maths or speak multiple languages.

This country needs to learn that ambition is what drives a country. Watching Hotel GB is a perfect example of this. The young people on there make me ashamed of my age group because they seem to believe that they deserve everything. They have no concept of work; they cheer themselves for being on their feet all day. It is absolutely pathetic. If they had some proper ambition they would see nothing of working their way to it, but instead the welfare state leaves us in a position where if they don’t work hard they will be paid anyway. Hard work is lost on them and without hard work there is no ambition. Unless we take the money away from these people and make them work, unless we prioritise intellectual or at least skilled ability over being nice to fingerpointers and unless we stop idolising people who do nothing more than appear on the television once, there will be more and more stupid people who can’t hold down a job and who don’t particularly want to. Of course it is no place of mine to say that footballers or athletes are less worthwhile than authors and doctors, and I understand that where people genuinely cannot find work they need a little help. But there has to be a balance in the middle and it comes from the stimulation of ambition in members of society. It comes from making people want a little dignity. And it comes from not presuming that the majority is always correct. 

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