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Pop: The Problem with Muslims

I have expressed my dislike for most groups in society so far. I’ve dealt with the problems with religion, mainly Christians, and I’ve insulted the stupidity of science. I’ve regularly pointed out the sexism of feminists and the hypocrisy of racism but there is one I have tried to ignore wherever possible. The reason is not something that I’m proud of, nor something that I find myself commonly afflicted by and that is why today I am going to break its hold on me. The first problem with Muslims is that I’m terrified of them. 

Unlike most people I’m not generically terrified of Muslims because I think that they’re going to blow me up. Not all Muslims are terrorists, and those who are just believe something very different from what I do. Maybe they shouldn’t be killing Westerners as if we’re lab-rats but then we do the same back so there’s not much room to talk there. No, my problem with Muslims is their reaction to criticism. They scare me because their ideology makes them aggressively against freedom of speech to the degree where even normal innocent people will throw rocks and stones and start fires just because somebody says the name of their prophet in the wrong situation. We all sit here in the West unsure as to what we should say, how we should react, because they are so touchy and I find that a very scary thing. I find anybody scary who is willing to go as far as murder just because a video was made that spoke about their prophet in the wrong way. 

I know that in reality not all Muslims would kill a person for making a video but they all got very upset, so upset that they marched and protested in countries all around the world. They attacked embassies randomly, even those that weren’t American. Whether the origins of their religion are true or not, the people involved are long dead. It is irrational to get that upset over a joke and it is irrational to get that offended. Protests are important political tools that are used to instigate real change by showing a government that a group of people aren’t happy. Protests should not be used just because a long dead guy who may or may not have existed was the subject of a poorly made joke. Muslim students even got offended recently that a pineapple was named Mohammed. A pineapple. And the university was so scared that they kicked the owners of said pineapple out of the fresher’s fair in response. It is an insane situation to be in where even a name can’t be used without Muslims being offended and Westerners being scared. 

My second problem is the women. As far as I’m aware they wear the various degrees of head coverings to hide their skin from men other than their husband, which is fine. I don’t have a problem with that. What I don’t understand however is why they then wear make-up. It isn’t just something that is limited to Western Muslims; I’ve seen women on the news in Middle Eastern Countries with practically only their eyes showing wearing eyeliner, mascara and shadow. Surely that defeats the point. Make-up is designed solely for the attraction of the opposite sex, women wear make-up to attract men. If a person covers up the entirety of their skin to avoid attracting a man, then make-up is the last thing they should have on. If the argument is to be made that they should be allowed to wear the things over their head in a society where we find it very suspicious, then surely the contradiction of the make-up that they wear is an argument against it. They can’t believe in their religion very strongly if they are going to be such hypocrites. 

This brings me to my next point. Islam is so insecure that it’s unable to take criticism. I can see their point in a way, religion is declining over the world as the next popular movement, science, takes over. But they cannot allow their stupid insecurities and small cock complex to mess with the lives of everyone else and that includes my right to not believe in what they spew out and my right to in turn be offended at them for teaching their kids anti-Westernism and anti-Integration in their faith schools. Religious freedoms, like all freedoms, must be tempered to fit in with society where that freedom is relating to the meshing of cultures. We are, supposedly, secular. We aren’t an Islamic state. Therefore if as a culture we don’t like people to cover their faces and if I’m not allowed to wear a balaclava to work, a Muslim should not be allowed to wear something over their head either. There should be more respect for us as a society, rather than all the focus being on them as a religion. But then as the recent protests showed, Islam is incompatible with the freedoms of others. There were calls for the West to implement laws to give their religion more respect by limiting the freedoms of others; we were told by the Egyptian president that we shouldn’t be allowed to insult their prophet. But of course we should be allowed. Religious freedom does not mean the right for a religious person to never be offended; it means that a person has the right to be offended because everybody else also has the right to do what they think. Freedom isn’t about stopping other people from doing things. So what religious freedom means is that I have the right to not believe in God, and you have the right to believe. I have the right to call Mohammed every name under the sun and you have the right to be annoyed at me. Islam, more than any other religion, is a way of life and so it seems that Muslims have a big problem in understanding my rights to not agree with them or my rights to insult them. We don’t as a society have any sort of freedom of speech if we can make an insulting video about Jesus but not Mohammed. 

This is part of the reason why Muslims don’t integrate successfully into Western society. They aren’t just religious; they come from a culture where everything is based entirely on the following of their prophet. Islamic values become the values of a country, and naturally as religious people they then want to spread this to the rest of the world. That’s what religions do. So we are in a position not only where countries in the Middle East want to spread their laws and customs to the rest of us but where the people come over and expect the world to allow them to continue their lives in the same way. But as I said, our culture has to be respected as well. That means when a Muslim comes to this country then can’t subjugate women, or not send their girls to school and they can’t throw around racism that the rest of us aren’t allowed to get away with. So they stay in their little groups, glaring at the rest of us for not covering up our women and not preying 5 times a day. A group cannot integrate when they find our culture so abhorrent. It isn’t a mark on either group, it’s common sense. But as the incoming group it is up to them to make the compromise, just as it would be up to the group of English people to make the effort if they moved to the Middle East. 

And of course then there’s terrorism. Not all Muslims are terrorists; it’s a small group who are. But we have to question why so many terrorists come from one religion. America use the word to kill who they like but that cannot account for all of it, they just jumped on the bandwagon. The problem goes back to my previous point of integration. All religion works off the basis of converting the non-believers and the way the world is, terrorism has been shown to be the best attack that they have. Maybe if we hadn’t given the extremists what they wanted by getting so upset at terrorist attacks things would have been different but now terrorist groups know that blowing up a building has an effect. Still, there has to be something different about Islam to make it so easy to radicalise people, where the same wouldn’t happen in Buddhism or Taoism or Christianity or Sikhism. There has to be an inherent violence for it to be so much more prevalent, even if that simply comes from the area of the world where it is more commonly practised. If we all care so much about making a world where everyone is given equal freedoms and if Muslims want to be part of the greater world there needs to be help from members inside the religion to find the cause of the violence that is so centred around Islamic beliefs. By putting their head in the sand and claiming to be offended every time terrorism is mentioned, other Muslims are just as much part of the problem. 

So there we go, I did it. I dared insult Muslims equally, to the same degree that I insult everyone else. But there has to be a problem in a world where I’m not worried about feminists throwing bricks through my window, but I am worried about the Muslims down the street.

That must be my fault though right? It can’t be anything wrong with Islam. 

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