Monday, 15 October 2012

Pop: Kill Muslims. ????. Profit.

I have never pretended to like America; I know that I’m at the thin end of the bell curve when it comes to judging their behaviour. Essentially I’m always going to see the worst in them and any sceptical person would take my complaints with a pinch of salt.

This, however, is different. This is about the drone strikes. If you don’t know about this, let me give you a rundown. The Americans send unmanned drones to Pakistan on a daily basis, reports from the people suggest that there are always some ‘mosquitos’ as they call them hovering on the horizon. They are there to ‘protect America’ and do this by carrying out bombings on anything that they believe to be a terrorist outpost. Recently it has come to light that they kill large numbers of civilians and the people of the worst hit areas are scared to carry out their everyday lives. 

The American government responded to this by saying that it was okay because they mainly killed terrorists. 

My first point is that when did it become okay for a country to bomb citizens from other countries that it declared terrorists, with no trial and no evidence? Why is it suddenly a justification for murder that these people may be from a group that doesn’t like America? We are supposed to champion human rights and freedoms in the west, it is supposedly what sets us apart from places like the Middle East and yet the largest western power is regularly bombing people with no retribution. They declared them terrorists and suddenly all their human rights have been taken away. I understand the need to protect countries from suicide bombers and people who may want to murder other people. But that should surely be done through trial and evidence; they shouldn’t be allowed to just kill anyone who looks like a Muslim without the rest of the world condemning them. 

But there has been little to no condemnation of America’s actions. By doing nothing the rest of the world has justified and sanctioned their position that anybody who can be labelled a terrorist should lose all human rights. And we do this while we laugh at Assad for claiming that the rebels are terrorists who are unsettling his country and we condemn him for killing those people he believes to be terrorists. When he kills civilians, whether he calls them terrorists or not, it is an atrocity, a war crime. When America kills civilians it’s okay, because they were aiming at terrorists. 

My second problem is that the UN seem to be doing nothing. There have been a couple of reports that say it might be a human rights violation but that isn’t enough. There are people being attacked by a country miles away and nothing is being done because America has more sway. We in the West are treating the Middle East like its people don’t matter, like they’re indispensible bugs that we can do with what we like. But we don’t own them; these are people with lives that mean just as much. They should be given the same respect by the international community as an American citizen would be. But America don’t even know how many civilians they have murdered, it could be anything up to 3000 people with nobody ever able to know whether the ‘terrorists’ they killed were even guilty. The truth is that because America is the slow kid in the corner of the classroom, they are allowed to get away with a lot more than anyone else. Nobody wants to stand up to them because nobody ever wants to upset the slow kid. 

I am part of a, sadly minority, opinion that people should be awarded basic human rights whoever they are. Islamic extremists might be terrorists to us in the west but to them we are just as evil. We don’t have the moral high ground; we aren’t necessarily right about the way the world should be run. Maybe if we had gone the peaceful route and they were just indiscriminately killing us then we would be able to condemn them properly but we have just as much, if not more, blood on our hands from the amount of Muslims that we have killed in return. We believe our ideology to the same degree that they do, that’s why everyone thinks that they are justified in killing each other. And of course this seems silly to you in your Western democracy because it is difficult to accept that we’re just as bad, it’s difficult to accept that we’re all gullible and being fed propaganda. It makes sense to us that they are fed lines by their media, they even admit it’s state TV. But ours is just as bad, the only difference is that we don’t call the BBC or the American equivalent, state TV. We’re all fed rubbish on a daily basis and we all seem to believe that Muslim = evil. That’s why we don’t care, that’s why saying ‘we kill mainly Taliban’ is a justification for murdering muslims without any sort of trial, simply because they have an ideology the Americans don’t agree with.  

Recently a man was found guilty and punished for saying that all soldiers should die because it was offensive. How many people do you think would care if I said that all Taliban should die? I doubt I’d be taken to court and I doubt that anyone would bat an eyelid. In fact if you look on facebook, I believe ‘Al Qaeda and the Taliban should die’ is somebody’s name. Hypocrisy, thy name is the English justice system. 

I could go on further, about how we only consider ourselves the best because we’re inside the country and about the hypocrisy of our beliefs in our ideologies of killing people for daring to threaten to kill us but instead I will finish on this point, on a situation that I wish for you to consider, before I’m declared a terrorist and ‘accidently’ killed by an American ‘protecting their borders,’ or in a highly convenient hit and run. 

Imagine if Iran sent drones to fly over the East coast of America, in order to protect their borders against Jews. Imagine if they killed American citizens and said they 'mainly killed terrorists.'

What do you think the reaction would be? 

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