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Pop: United States of Soviet America.

It is often said that humans hate in others the traits they find in themselves. A person who chews loudly with their mouth open will glare at others for doing the same. A person who is too brash and forward in polite society, will be outraged by those who dare burp at the dinner table or say something out of place. In a group of friends there tends to be a few stereotypes of people, the loud ones don’t want to share the limelight with other loud people. 

This brings me nicely onto America and their hatred for communism. The reason that these two groups hate each other so much is more simple than they would like to admit, the same reason as America and the terrorists they so flippantly murder and hate each other so much. A group cannot have two loud people without problems. Take communism (The misguided implementation of communism anyway.): It functions through propaganda and the under the radar murder of its enemies, while trying to spread its ideology through as much of the world as possible. The people in these countries are told that the rest of the world is just backwards, and it would be the kindest thing to show them the better life that they can have. They say that their society is equal while allowing a heirachy to exist that pushes certain groups down and elevates others. 

While speaking to Americans, the common theme that I have found is that most of them seem to have teachers who tell them lies about the rest of the world. They tell them that America is the best country on the planet, that they run the world and that everyone wishes that they could live there. They tell them that anyone who doesn’t believe in ‘freedom and democracy’ is a terrorist and discipline them for mentioning other forms of governance. I have read American government websites that tell the people smoking causes bone fractures and have spoken to Americans who believe this because ‘the government wouldn’t lie.’ I have seen American news programs that are so biased they are practically sucking off the leader of whichever political party they support. But most of all, I have watched them go through the process of declaring someone a terrorist and then going into another country so that they can kill them, while the president of America practically orgasms with happiness over the kneecapping of a small girl and the shooting of an unarmed man after murdering the woman trying to protect him rather than arresting him for an international trial. I have watched America declare that they are on the side of any movement in any country they are not allied with that might lead to democracy, with no care for what is done to achieve it. Where was the horror from Americans when the free Syrian Army suicide bombed a government building? Where was the support for Bahrain when they tried to overthrow their government? They ignored both because it didn’t help them advance their ideology, and the American people went along with it because they were told to. 
When communism was at its peak it threatened to challenge the American way of life. It was a different way of running things, something that might undermine the control of the country. So they looked towards stopping it but an idea can’t be destroyed so instead they got pissy with Russia, the largest pushed of this different ideology. When Russia had been thwarted, China and North Korea were never going to pose as much of a threat so they just left them alone in the corner, trying to encourage the rest of the world to treat them like the backwards kid. That’s why whenever China start to do well, they try to put them down. They shout at them like they’re a naughty kid and say “no you can’t have your currency that way, have it this way so that it doesn’t affect us,” or they try to encourage their people not to buy products made in China but made by good wholesome American people who believe  in freedom. 

With the communist threat thwarted, America have turned their attention in more recent times to the people they call terrorists. These are any people who threaten their borders, and are mainly Muslim. It started with a show of force, invade a couple of countries and kill those who oppose them. Encourage the murder of leaders of these groups or outright kill them themselves. Then they slowed down their campaign when their control over their people slipped enough that they started to get upset with the constant wars. But like with communism, the ball is now rolling. The American brand of freedom is rippling through the middle East, complete with the beating to death, bombing or exiling of anyone against it by ‘freedom fighters.’ 

Inside the country the people are kept happy with guns. They have little to do with foreigners because if anything good is made in another country, they remake it with Americans as creators and actors and American English splattered all over it. Even programs that are made in England, in the same language save a few spelling differences, are too foreign and have to be remade. History is altered in schools, some kids are told that WWII was America against the Nazis, the communists and the terrorists. There is no mention of the lateness of their involvement, which only occurred because they were threatened rather than everyone else who got involved to help others. They are told that they invented the English language, that Webster wrote the first dictionary rather than Samuel Johnson. History is altered in the same way that it would be in a communist school, people are controlled in the same way as communist people. 

I have to hand it to them though, you only have to speak to an American for a couple of minutes to know that the people in charge do a fantastic job. And you only have to watch their news about the middle East to know that they’re doing a fantastic job at forcing their beliefs around the rest of the world. It won’t be long until they’re here telling us to get rid of our Queen in favour of a President and as much as I might not like her I would be one of the first down to Buckingham Palace defending our right to rule ourselves however we like, a right that we shouldn’t be allowing them to take away from the rest of the world.  

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