Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pop: Flogging a dead horse.

As domestic violence has been in the news recently, I thought that I would take this opportunity to once again complain about the injustice of feminism. While I hate the entirety of the movement and everything it stands for, some areas are more deplorable than others. I am referring to the discrimination of victims depending on their gender. 

Rape crisis is one of the worst culprits although by no means the only one. It helps victims of rape, unless they are male in which case it moves them on, despite the fact that it acknowledges on its own website if you search for long enough that men can be victims also. Refuge is another high profile example, focused on helping only female victims of domestic abuse. 

If you accept the view that women deserve more attention because they are the majority (unless they are the minority of course in which case we all have to do everything that we can to make them equal,) it cannot only be me who sees this as a disgusting happening. If a person has been raped or they have been beaten by their partner then they are vulnerable and scared, they have been betrayed by another human being in, arguably, one of the worst ways possible and are brave for coming forward to explain what has happened to them. If they are a woman they run to a charity and are helped, they are given as much support as any person could need. If they are a man then they are turned away. This isn’t just a person not being able to get a job because of their gender, this isn’t just a person being a little patronised by society or expected to cook a meal. This is a person who has been attacked being turned away by charities set up to help because they were born into the wrong gender. It should make society sick and the worst thing is that it doesn’t, nobody cares because the people being affected naturally aren’t the people who want to shout loudly and complain. 

Maybe with everything that’s going wrong with the world at the moment this isn’t something that is considered important. But the idea of a person finally deciding to speak out about their partner’s abuse, asking someone for help from a domestic abuse charity and being told to go away should tug at the heart strings of even the most uncaring person if they have a shred of empathy. And in my opinion nothing shows off the disgusting nature of feminism better. 

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