Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pop: Only terrorists have the right to die

Today it was decided, we have no right to choose the manner of our death. Why? Because groups of 'disabled' people around the world have banded together and decided that if one person is allowed medical help to end their suffering, we're all going to go round killing them with a gentle carefree whimsy about us. But this isn't about them, this is about the people who want to die that are being forced to live because of other people's selfishness. I have spoken before about health and longevity being entirely subjective because we all have different goals. Now, legally, we are forced into the meaning of a healthy life being to live as long as possible. 

We are now forced to live, rather than being allowed the freedom to die. 

And we in the west think that we have more freedom, and more access to our human rights. 
Maybe Mr Nicklinson should implicate himself in a terrorist attack, then America would just do the job for him. 

Well, it's worked in the past.

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