Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pop: Boys and their toys - feminists and their bullshit.

One of the feminist attitudes that particularly annoys me but that has found its way into mainstream culture is the ‘boys and their toys’ line that spews out of far too many women’s mouths. Often it is directed at any man who dares play a console game, or who enjoys power tools or who simply enjoys anything that the woman in question doesn’t. I’ve seen it used when a man, for example, likes historical re-enactments or enjoys tinkering with the inner workings of a computer.

Before I deal with the hypocrisy of this, the first and most obvious problem is that these acts of pleasure should not be stigmatised. If a person wants to play on an Xbox360, there is nothing immature about that. It’s something enjoyable and therefore is a fun way for that person to occupy their time. There is no magical age limit that when you hit 18 games become beneath you, it is just an activity that the women in question don’t enjoy. It is incredibly sexist of course because if I said that I played the same game on the same console, I would be simply indulging in a passion rather than being immature. 

The hypocrisy of this attitude is that women have similar items that they collect or enjoy and they don’t see them in the same way. I have seen women dressed head to toe in pink, with a bedroom full of cute stuffed toys claim that a man playing with power tools is just ‘boys and their toys.’ There is nothing wrong with liking pink, cuddly toys, games or whatever, and there is therefore no reason to pick on men and try to belittle their passions. It is all part of the general emasculation of men that our society pushes for, these women want guys to do anything off a list of approved past times. As yet however, all I have found on this list is working a ‘manly’ job and providing for their family. Even parenting doesn’t seem to be good enough. 

The point I’m trying to make is that when women spout out this bullshit phrase in an attempt to belittle the entire male gender and their passions, they only make themselves seem sexist and narrow minded. Not only that but they miss out on the most erotic thing in life.

I challenge anyone to not feel like God when they hold a power-drill in their hands and rev it. 

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