Friday, 10 August 2012

Blip: Olympic news coverage

Although I admit that there is a certain appealing simplicity to watching the various Olympic events every night, it’s getting to the point where I’m forced to browse around the internet and read German news sites to find any truly relevant coverage of world happenings other than the men and women who run fast or kick good. 

The games themselves are so different from each other and the training methods from athlete to athlete vary so greatly that comparing countries by medal amount is utterly pointless. Let alone how silly it is pretending that there is any relevance mentioning how many medals certain countries had forty years ago seeing as the athletes, trainers, coaches and even training grounds have all changed so drastically since. And yet, the news is still packed with coverage of every latest medal and how that means that maybe China isn’t an up-and-coming world power after all or how we all underestimated the true spirit of America (how they measure that is lost on me, although perhaps it’s because America twist the medal table around to guarantee that they’re above Russia. That takes spirit if ‘spirit’ means they haven’t forgotten the cold war.) 

It isn’t just the meaningless nature of this coverage that annoys me, it’s the fact that Syria is still going through open civil war, the ‘Arab spring’ is still in full flow in general and the world as a whole is still going on producing news-worthy stories every second and we’re missing out on finding out about it all. Wouldn’t it make more sense to perhaps devote coverage between a few of their other channels and made the news cover actual news. But then, that wouldn’t make full use of the over-the-top and overly expensive Olympic studio, Olympic stadium, Olympic camera budget and Olympic big, red, squiggly, block-out-your-skyline-with-my-massive-ugly-mesh-of-steel-designed-by-an-architect’s-sneeze, light-up structure would it? 

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