Thursday, 19 July 2012

Blippop: Democracy's war against the non-believers

Russia and China have vetoed the UN Security Council resolution to impose sanctions on Syria. The UK, US and France have responded to this by claiming that using the vetoes is ‘wrong’ and ‘appalling’ and ‘inexcusable.’ The US have gone a step further and claimed that they will ‘take action anyway.’ This is all because we are desperate as countries to enforce our ideology of democracy on the people in the world who don’t yet have it and don’t necessarily want it. 

The hypocrisy is that when a democratic vote such as this resolution doesn’t go the way that the western powers want, suddenly the decision is wrong and we should all be outraged at it. I can’t help but wonder why we bother to pretend that we have democracy when any opinion that is different is treated as if it is evil. China and Russia, for whatever reason, don’t agree with the West. They should be perfectly allowed to, under a democratic system, but I’m sure like the last vote they vetoed it won’t be long before we start talking again about kicking them out of the security council or taking away their veto. That sounds more like a fascist ideal to me. 

If we all take action anyway, it makes a mockery of the whole idea of the UN. It is supposed to be a fair democratic place where all the countries in the world share their opinion for the good of the global community. The Security Council may be smaller but these principles still apply, as does the principle of unanimous voting before taking actions that affect other countries. By acting like children and just trying to get our own way anyway, we undermine the power of the UN and make it an entirely pointless endeavour, symbolic rather than active. Just because we are ‘powerful’ countries, doesn’t mean we have the moral mandate to govern everyone else, democracy isn’t necessarily the best way and they aren’t ants in a farm that we own and can play with. It is up to them to deal with their own problems, not our job to force our flawed mantra onto them. 

I realise that it has become popular recently to jump on the democracy crusade’s bandwagon and try to ‘fix’ the Middle East by piggybacking off their struggle for development. But we can’t just hear the sound of one rebel civilian saying they want democracy and claim that the country needs a regime change. The people in Syria are fighting just as hard as the Government, they blew up a building with no care for the innocent lives inside and they regularly kill anyone wearing an army uniform if they can get the chance. When they blew up the defence ministers in a cold-blooded terrorist attack, they celebrated in the streets and we said nothing, when they kill people or they lie to the western media to get sympathy we just ignore it and move on. America is mad about suicide bombings; they have always claimed to absolutely hate them. But when someone does it in the name of democracy suddenly they have no bad word to say. It seems suicide bombings are okay as long as America’s ideology is being upheld as opposed to that of Islam.  

The Syrian rebels aren’t some group of saints who are fighting for freedom; they are fighting for their own way just like the Government is. We have no right to declare that because they claim to want democracy they must have more mandate to govern than the person in charge. Consider it this way, if a group of Americans sat in the capital with their guns and told Obama to go, would we all be on their side? No, they would be attacked by police with riot shields and there would probably be deaths as there are in any riot. 

Fighting for democracy is still just fighting; it is still wrong. Us picking sides and bullying the slightly lesser nations who don’t want to join in will only make things worse and make the rest of the world hate us all even more. 

By this time next year we will probably have forgotten about Assad and Syria, we will probably be trying to ‘improve’ Africa and impose democracy on them. But when Assad, like Gaddafi, has been brutally beaten to death in the streets while we look the other way or we have shot him ourselves and let off some fireworks in honour of his execution, our precious democracy will still be no more legitimate; the pile of corpses labelled ‘Democracy’s enemies’ will have just grown taller, never casting shadow on our righteous crusade.   

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