Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Blip: Television for morons

Out of a degree of curious intrigue – which I now know should have been thoroughly supressed - Pop and I stumbled across and watched a snippet of American television. Initially I burst out into laughter due to an inane comment from the presenter in a style that I had thought was a joke and a fabrication of our media, namely the one of badly constructing a narrative around a nugget of lies, over-doing the claims of it being a true story, leaving a long gap at the end and then emphatically stating his own name before wandering out of shot. 

This mirth was soon dampened, though, by the rest of the programme. I can’t believe Americans are able to watch more than a minute of such tripe; it stank of first year college project with its crappy titles, terrible over-acting and way over-the-top shiny and explosive graphic themes to grab attention.

I have mostly only been exposed to American films, which, are primarily a rollercoaster of obvious metaphors and themes so simple they would be scoffed at by most toddlers; the good guy always ‘gets the girl’, the bad guy is always mistreated horrifically because he is labelled as deserving and less than human (somewhat similar to a rather irate Austrian gentleman I seem to remember) and the overall experience is checked at every turn by rich American values such as stupidity, eye-for-an-eye justified brutality culture and a straightforward good vs. evil attitude to everything. 

I hadn’t expected American television to follow that pattern and I was right; compared to what we saw, those ‘classic’ yank films of ineptitude are in fact masterpieces of plot that keep you on the edge of your seat with twists and double takes and that leave you feeling intellectually and emotionally drained from such a compelling experience. 

I feel very sorry for anyone who has to put up with that drivel. Even more so, I feel sorry for that people that willingly watch it and don’t see the problem. Cue phony dramatic ending.


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