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Pop: Why Fingerpointers love the monarchy

I decided that in honour of the jubilee I would do a blogpost about the monarchy. I find it a fascinating examination of human nature to see so many stupid people hanging out banners and standing on the side of the River Thames with no proper explanation for why they do it. If a reporter asks one of these red white and blue wearing fingerpointers why they are so in love with the queen and subsequently why they partake in such behaviour, they answer in one of many variations of ‘she’s the queen, she does a lot for this country.’

I get very annoyed at myself if I discount an idea without giving it a chance so I have spent some time while listening to the coverage of the celebrations trying to work out what they do. If there is a family on the throne keeping power then they must be doing something that benefits us. There was a man on channel four news fighting for the side of the monarchy who hit the ‘benefit’ to their presence on the head. The monarchy stay because they work. We allow the monarchy to remain head of state because they haven’t done anything which upsets us. 

Normally I am a big fan of the English attitude, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’ I hate change in my own life and actively seek to avoid it. But this isn’t the insignificant life of a citizen that we’re talking about, this is the running of a country and the access to more money than most of us could ever dream of. It is wrong to leave a person in that position of power for the simple reason that England has a monarchy and hasn’t fallen apart yet. It’s a logical fallacy, there is no reason to say that the monarchy has anything to do with our ‘success’ as a country. 

If the argument that the monarchy should stay because they work is to be believed then even the supporters of the monarchy are agreeing that they do nothing. If they were doing something then people would be able to identify their role. They are paid an absolute fortune every year by the government, they are given palaces and they have millions of pounds spent on lavish displays like the one today. If they do so little then why are we paying them all this money. Why is it that we bully bankers for the state of our economy but nobody ever considers that if we spent less money on this random family of Germans we might have more money for public services? 

The reason is very simple. The royal family are supported by the fingerpointers because fingerpointers rely on a source of authority and don’t like change. They are told that they should like the monarchy so they do, it’s as simple as them being told by the labour party that the government are picking on them so they protest against cuts or them being told that it’s all Nick Clegg’s fault so that they protest outside his house. They would support an elected head of state with just as much vigour, but that would require change and these are people who will fight tooth and nail to be able to keep their pasties at the same price. They don’t like change. 

What I find particularly interesting is the parallels between England and the Middle East. There are people today protesting against the monarchy, a protest that I very nearly took part in. In this country when people protest against the state, State TV chooses against broadcasting the protests for the most part. The BBC has given very little air time to the people who go against the queen and so a lot of people don’t know that there are protests going on today. It may be a toned down version of other dictatorships but it is the same thing at its root, a failure to acknowledge the opposition. 

There are people in this country who do not like how the country is run, not just a small amount either. England is one of the countries in the world which fights for democracy in other countries and yet when we have pro-democracy protestors in our own country we try and put them down and pretend that they don’t exist. In middle East countries, the dictators often have prime ministers and in fact have a structure of leadership which looks a lot like ours. The mantle of power is passed down from parent to child and state TV consistently pretends that they are some sort of demi-God family who are loved by every single citizen. 

That isn’t democracy, that’s fascism. But because the fingerpointers don’t like change it will be a long time before we see democracy in this country. It will be a long time before there is a chance of somebody who wasn’t born rich, somebody with darker skin or somebody that the people chose will sit as the head of state and earn the money that we currently give out so freely. I fear that with the overwhelming amount of fingerpointers, it might never happen. 

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