Monday, 11 June 2012

Pop: LLI - Long Relationships

Because of his mannerisms Blip can alienate people very easily, although emulation makes this problem rare. When it comes to right and wrong in an informal sense he is incredibly matter-of-fact. If he knows something is right he sees no point in discussion unless it is a formal argument so a little fact isn’t up for discussion. It’s right, so why argue? 

With people who aren’t used to Blip this makes him disagreeable. If you however take some time to think about it in LLI terms this makes sense. Blip has more information going around his head than the rest of us could ever imagine. He doesn’t have the time or the energy to discuss something that seems really arbitrary so he doesn’t bother arguing and becomes very matter of fact. This makes long term relationships difficult for him and can greatly affect potential ones because he can come across as an arsehole. It isn’t intentional and it isn’t because he is one, but the sociopathy on top of the matter-of-factness means that not only does the whole thing confuse him but he isn’t fantastic at friendships. 

There is an additional element which magnifies the problem. The obsessive thinking means that he goes much faster through a relationship than anyone else. He is always a few steps ahead and is closer to them than they are to him. Knowing this produced a reaction in him which was to push people away and avoid the self-created rejection when they meant more to him. 

This is an inherent, and quite common problem among people like Blip and makes it very difficult to strike up a long lasting friendship with them.  

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