Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pop: Happy Third Potatoversary Blip!

In honour of my wedding anniversary I decided to write something which explains why I am with Blip, a question I get asked a lot more than you’d think.  Neither he nor I believe in love in the sense that most people do. I don’t love Blip, Blip doesn’t love me because love does not exist.

The term love refers to romanticism, which is attached to a release of happy chemicals in the brain upon seeing something that appeals to the senses. Where fellow humans are concerned, this is in response to a couple of things. The first is sexual attraction and lust, which is designed to further the species. We find people attractive who are the most adept at furthering the species whether that’s by being hung like a horse or having a chest so big that you can’t see your feet. It implies that the person in question will be the most effective at mothering or fathering children. The second thing that this feeling occurs in response to is comfort: Cuddles, affection and a shared sense of enjoyment in other things or just in being with somebody who can intellectually stimulate you. 

Logically, it is silly to believe that there is some romantic additional element to these feelings, all of it is nothing more than requirement because we are social beings who need to further our genetics. Flowers, chocolate and teddy bears that have huge eyes don’t mean anything when it comes to love other than what we put onto them as a society. So, because I don’t believe in romantic love I cannot love Blip. I can’t love anyone because nobody can love anyone. 

This leads to the question in the opening of the post. Why am I with Blip if I do not love him. Aside from the obvious reasons, which anybody who came here from our porn will understand, I am with him through requirement. I don’t like people for the most part, I find it tiresome to talk to those people around me hence why Blip tends to answer our comments and why this isn’t a question and answer session. But Blip is intellectually stimulating, he’s smarter than me and therefore a challenge. We spend most of our time debating things not to mention the fact that his head makes him a sort of challenge. He shares very similar interests to me and doesn’t like being around people either so we fulfil the social requirement of humanity without having to be bored by constantly spending time with friends. 

To anybody looking in from the outside we are just as in love as any other couple, we are often told how close we seem in fact. This is because by understanding that we require each other as opposed to loving each other, there is no need to argue and we don’t have to constantly force our relationship to work. Most couples have a tension about them, they are trying desperately to keep the balance right with each other and avoid an argument because they believe that this love which they feel should be enough to get them blissfully through every day. They think that love is enough for a relationship and don’t work on smoothing out any kinks or learning each other’s passions and so on. Without the pretence of love we have moved past any tension that may have been around at the beginning of the relationship because we know each other inside out and we know how not to argue with each other. 

I am with Blip because nobody has currently fulfilled my requirements better. Blip is with me for the same reason. Love is a literary concept that has nothing to do with relationships other than being a hindrance and a disturbance because of the fact that people believe it exists. Not believing in it and not having it doesn’t in any way invalidate my relationship, all it does is make it stronger and make me pity those people who enslave themselves to this thing, which is at the root just a word.

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