Friday, 22 June 2012

Blip: What 'fingerpointer' means

Many examples are given when someone tries to explain, from a logical position, why humans are superior to animals. Some of them rely on a great deal of human arrogance, pandering to the self-gratifying chocolatey centre of our ultimately limited personalities. Some of them, though, make more sense as they highlight a difference between us and then attempt to explain the implications of this difference. The bigger and more complex technology and production techniques are commonly visited topics here. I’m talking now about one of the lesser ones that isn’t cited as much.

It has been demonstrated that when a human points with their finger, an animal will look at the end of their finger, as though that is what they’re referring to, whereas another human will follow the assumed and intended direction created by a theoretical line along the finger. In simpler terms, a human can recognise what is being pointed at and an animal can only recognise the finger.
This is why, when we want to point something out to a dog, you have to instead get their attention with your fingertip and then place it in what you’re showing them, so they notice it themselves. Rather than theoretical or mathematical pointing, this is fingerpointing. 

If you watch daytime television, you will probably be aware of plenty of vapid people who try their best to seem like a worthy allocation of valuable space and time, although they rarely achieve this goal. A common trait across all of them is fingerpointing, sometimes they even tap the object multiple times to make a point, even though the only point it makes is “check out my lack of cognitive capability, social grace and worth to society.”

It seems evident then that some humans function on the same level as animals, with regard to this point anyway; this even suggests other failings of their minds and, if extrapolated further, failings of the consistency of the human race.

Thus, the term ‘fingerpointer’, which Pop uses so liberally, is explained for you: It refers to the lesser members of the human race, characterised by their inability to understand implied directional pointing and instead resort to close up tapping like brain damaged morons or just smiling simpletons left behind by the progress of mankind. 

Ed Miliband.
Jeremy Kyle.
Katie Price.
Piers Morgan.

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