Friday, 29 June 2012

Blip: Fuck the fourteen-year-olds

The media has a well-deserved reputation as regurgitators of scaremongering hypochondria. They overreact over everything, they misread every scientific report, they bastardise every statistic and manipulate any situation to try to make us all panic. One of the most common topics is their stance (or their portrayal of the general opinion of the scientific community’s stance) on obesity. Everybody is eating too much salt, now everybody is salt deprived, people don’t eat fruit any more, fruit shortage hits Britain, kids are aspiring to be thin supermodels and are starving themselves to that end, the streets are full of rampaging fatties, and they’re hungry!

Now, though, I’m talking about a different issue and that is the one of underage sex, or ‘sex’ as it’s known to people who don’t adopt the entire legal system as their set of morals. Much of the media is still panicking about teenagers having sex at younger and younger ages and about them picking up all kinds of diseases: The worst of these being an all too common parasitic organism that is spread by men, takes root deep within women and drains them of everything their body needs, taking without compassion and continuing to suck them dry until they leave home. 

As always, the media is taking an unbalanced view on this. Namely, one of a flimsy moral standpoint that people should wait until post middle-age until they even dare look at their own genitals. There are countless problems with this issue:

-Sex is natural, it is the method that our species uses to reproduce, as such, we should not be scared off of it from a young age by being bombarded with pictures of sexually transmitted infections and horror stories of babies tearing people asunder.

-The age of consent was introduced to try to make sure that people are mature enough to handle the consequences when they started having sex, which is an amicable thing to try for but it is not an inherent moral law; it is just an age we have picked out of the air and so we don’t know what the ideal age of consent is or if such a thing can be accurate enough at all. 

-Carrying on from the last point, plenty of people are clearly mature enough to handle sex at 14, even 12, and plenty of adults in their mid-forties are far too immature to have passed primary school, let alone to be having sex. Some people marry at eighteen and last their whole lives, while others have public tantrums in their fifties, maturity is a scale of subjectivity; age has little to do with it.

-Sex is great fun for a lot of people and we shouldn’t be trying to deny anyone that fun.

-The idea that people are losing their virginity younger is wrong, just look back a few centuries ago when children of 12-13 were expected to start having children and then say that we’re losing our virginity younger than ever.

-Consider the common, yet effective argument: You cannot ban a horny teenage couple from rutting each other raw, if they want sex, they will have sex. Isn’t it better to have them doing it safely with protection and without the stress of having family members disapproving of them or trying to ban them from seeing their partner?

-The idea of no sex until marriage (which is still an affecting factor) is out-dated and only held by strict religious organisations (such as Islam) that have an abundance of means used to control people, such as this, and a massive lack of human rights. If you disagree with this point, check out the rate of back alley abortions in predominantly Muslim countries used to conceal pregnancy from a family out of fear of retaliation, perhaps you could also go see a public stoning while you’re there or any other barbaric practice that comes from the societies that spread lies about sex, including the sanctity of it being related, in any way, to marriage. 

-Pertaining to the last point, what do gay people do under the idea of no sex before marriage? Oh, that’s right; the worldwide organisations that spout such nonsense are also the biggest proponents of homophobia in the world. It seems that the ‘no gay sex before civil partnership’ rule is still in the works.

It would be much better if we were to encourage everybody to have healthy, sexual relationships that are mature, sensible and safe. Sex should not be a taboo subject and sex at fifteen, for example, shouldn’t be stigmatised, it should be openly discussed to make sure it is being done in a safe and sensible way so that teenagers can learn the joy of sex as well as its role in a functioning relationship. 

The unhealthiest thing we can do is to maintain sex being treated like something wrong, that should be avoided and that is immoral.

If none of this has convinced you, consider this instead: Nobody above the age of consent is allowed the opportunity to try to tap fourteen-year-olds, don’t you think someone should have that chance? 

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