Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pop: Why I'm God and you don't exist.

When you sit down and think about what you can trust, to do with reality and what makes something real, most people will cite their senses. If you can touch it, hear it, see it, smell it or taste it then it has to exist. Proof for reality therefore normally consists of hitting a table and pulling a smug face. If you are happy with this then pat yourself on the back and smile. Well done, you proved the existence of reality. 

Now for everyone else who has a mind, this post will delve into whether trusting sensory perception is the right thing to do, and how we can actually know if something is real. 

Senses work through stimulation of nerves. The information travels via the nervous system to the brain where it is processed and the processing is known as perception. It is what our final interpretation of the data is. 

But this information has many chances of becoming messed up. It could happen during transport in the nerves or our interpretation in our head could be wrong. Quick evidence of this comes from mental illness. If there is a defect in our mental ability we can process sensory data inaccurately and thus change reality. This may present as a hallucination or a change in the world which seems completely real but is different from what everyone else sees. 

When there is such a defect in the reality of a person we put them in a mental institution. But if this data can be processed in such a different way because of one fault then what evidence can we use to conclude everything else is real? Clearly our sensory perception can lie so how do we know when it is lying? In truth, there is no way to know. Our entire view of the world is based on our senses so without them we have nothing. Reality is society. Reality is just a word for the image that most people see, something that makes sense to the biggest number of people. Reality isn’t truth, it would vanish the moment that majority vanished to be replaced by the view of the next majority and the next until there are no life forms left. Because without life, there is no way to perceive anything and all that is left is a silent empty room devoid of even the concept of colour. 

Without society, reality is nothing unless you accept yourself as the creator of reality. If I can’t trust my senses then no other humans exist. In which case, I made you all up. I made the world I live in so I made the society which your reality is made from. I am the only reality that I can truly believe in. 

Pop, your new God *Signature Placeholder

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  1. In essence, I am merely a brain, yet the world around me is a world I have created to reassure myself that I'm not alone, and that I'm not a machine destined to death among a world of nonsentinent sheep?


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