Monday, 28 May 2012

Pop: When People become concepts

In recent times, bankers and rich people have been victimised to the point where the fingerpointers of our society no longer see them as human; they are something to hate, a scapegoat for the problems in our society and most of the time it affects very little. The rich don’t care that the people hate them, they’re rich, and the intelligent among us simply strive to be rich enough that we also don’t have to listen to the constant winging of the working classes. In truth, we should be striving to better ourselves. We should look up to people who reach the top of their field and all attempt to be the best that we can in our chosen profession. Bankers are simply people who have completed their goals. 

People are so busy hating them that they forget these people have earnt their money. These are people who are intelligent, who have worked hard in their life and are rewarded with shitloads of cash. It is none of our business how much they earn in private enterprises or what kind of person they are. 

But because the economy is falling apart it is popular to hate anybody rich. There are more fingerpointers than there are smart people so it is natural that the people who are smarter and therefore earn more money are victimised. It makes the people who sit in the road on their sofas feel better about their lives. 

UK uncut however are an organisation of fingerpointers who have taken the abuse of the rich and powerful to an obsessive degree and have now crossed a line. Politicians are people, they do a very difficult job and try very hard to do the right thing. If they don’t do the right thing then they get voted out so it is naïve to think that they are purposefully trying to harm the country. 

We have to cut our deficit, it should never have been allowed to get so high in the first place so uncomfortable measures are now mandatory. Every single person in the country will feel them, even if we don’t notice that rich people are being damaged by them, they are because even their money is now worth less than it was before. Nobody has it easy. 

UK Uncut are selfish people who think that the working classes have been damaged by the failing economy more than anybody else. They think this because they are incapable of thinking about anybody outside their tiny socialist bubble. They therefore fight against fixing the economy and instead want either more money to be spent or the rich people to be taxed a disproportionate amount as punishment for having more money than other people. 

This has culminated in a protest outside Nick Clegg’s house. Nick Clegg is the deputy prime minister and the leader of the liberal democrats, he promised that the cuts wouldn’t be so harsh and then because he is slightly in government people hate him because none of his measures have come into being. To be fair to him, he has no power, he’s a powerless little puppy. But David Cameron has a very clever way of putting anything bad onto him so all the fingerpointers blame him for any cut that they experience. 

They are protesting outside his house, thankfully the news was almost certain that the family weren't there. When a politician goes home they are a person, they have a family and a life that is supposed to be private. How terrifying must it be for his wife or his kids waking up and looking out the window to see an angry mob? They can’t go to the shops, they can’t leave. These are normal innocent people, they have nothing to do with the government or the promises that Mr Clegg made. Even he should be allowed to put his work away for a little bit and enjoy some time with his family. But these people have decided that as a punishment for what they perceive to be mistakes in his behaviour, he should be put in the position where his home is under siege. This isn’t a man who raped someone, he hasn’t abused kids or gone on a mass murdering spree. He just didn’t prevent as many cuts as people wanted. Now people are forming a mob outside his home. 

This isn’t something which is a UK problem alone. Consider the treatment of Osama Bin Laden by the Americans or Gadaffi by the Libyans. These people were brutally murdered, irrespective of what they did, both deserved a trial and the basic human rights which most of us have afforded to us. But instead, Gadaffi was beaten to death, treated worse than most animals at the end of his life. 

America snuck into another country and shot to death a person who they declared a terrorist. They killed these people because to them they were no longer people, they became concepts with so much hate attached to them that all common decency went out the window. The word terrorist is thrown at somebody and whether it is true or not they lose all of their perceived human qualities and become something different that we can abuse. 

The same is true of the American soldiers who pissed all over dead Afghanis, or the guy who shot all those innocent civilians or even the Afghanis who after these events turned on the soldiers they had been working with and killed them. Stupid people all over the world are becoming victims to their own stupidity and forgetting that the things they are treating so awfully, are people too. 

Bankers, rich people, politicians, terrorists, dictators, they are all people. They have lives, they have families and they have the same amount of worries as the rest of us. It is dangerous to turn people into concepts, that kind of attitude has led to some of the worst atrocities in human history. The fingerpointers are going too far, we are giving the unintelligent members of our society too much power. The treatment of Nick Clegg is just the next rung of the ladder. 

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