Saturday, 19 May 2012

Blip: Join the fucktard society, support the olympics

Some people, like us, are trying to elevate the human race by spreading messages of a very important nature; questioning the fabric of current human politics, philosophy, social sciences etc. helps to undermine the certainty that theories gain so that people can think for themselves a little more. It's fairly obvious to see why this is important for our advancement, an open mind leads to better thoughts.

Many of these people share a certain feeling that arises only occasionally, the best way to describe it is a "why do I bother?" kind of feeling that occurs when humanity further proves its stupidity and this post is concerning one of those that I experienced only moments ago.

The olympics are approaching, the idiots are queueing up in their droves to watch people in tight lycra show off their varied methods of coping with equally varying degrees of an inferiority complex shared across all athletes. This means that all of the ceremony that goes with the olympics has also started; the anti-climactic torch lighting event, the torch being given a seat on a plane for its journey and eventually the lighting of the main olympic torch in London are all examples.

I understand the sense of antiquity that comes with this kind of procedure; Prometheus stole fire from the Gods of mount olympus and gave it to the humans (an act for which he was horribly punished, although they never reinact that part). This carries with it a comfortable amount of tradition but also leads to certain unmissable spectacles of human mis-achievement. 

I'm talking about the lollygagging apes, thousands of them, gathered across the entire route that the olympic torch will take throughout England, waiting patiently to "show their support" for the games. This is, of course, an ill-guised euphemism for people lining up to moronically cheer while a torchbearer runs past.

Allow me to reiterate that point: Modern people living in the 21st century, people with Iphones and machine-produced clothes, crowding together to witness the advent of fire. 

We are in such a state nowadays that we actually clap for fire like a monkey clapping at a mirror, a dog howling at a firework or a supposedly well-evolved human smashing their hands together, dragging their hairy knuckles and drooling uncontrollably over something that we've had for thousands of years (if not more.) 

Why do we bother trying to expand people's minds when all it takes is fire?

Screw all this effort to say something poignant, if people are really this shocked by fire, they'll lose their shit over this:
  =]    It's a little face!  
<=]     It's a little face with a hat!

I guess by modern standards this makes me poet laureate.

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