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Pop: Mothers - Abuse your child for a free house!

When I refer to mothers I do not mean any woman with a child. I am referring to a mentality that a lot of women gain once they have a child. This mentality is characterised by a superiority complex, a belief that by having a child they are better than us and deserve special treatment. For example Blip once stood outside a shop being rammed in the back of the legs by a woman with a pram because she didn’t want to go round him. At no point did she ask him to move or say anything. She just expected him to move and this is not an isolated incident. If you go into McDonalds avoiding the prams is a complicated obstacle course. I have been in some situations where I was completely trapped in by prams but the glaring, attitude and verbal abuse that you get if you dare ask these women to move is astounding. This happens in pubs, shops and most other public places. If you open a door for a woman with a pram don’t expect a thank you, it is their right to have the door open so you are just doing your job as an underling. 

The media, feminism, and the government all perpetuate this problem. I have mentioned before about David Cameron’s severe prejudice against fathers but consider also the perks of having a child, take my situation for an example. I am living from the money I get from university and my novels. I rent my own flat with Blip and we live well within our means which prevents us from having lots of luxuries or space to move around in. If I had a baby, the government would give me a council house, full benefits and money for having a child. I could be completely set up just by becoming a mother. If you are a single man with a child you don’t get that kind of treatment because the government only cares about mothers. Hell if I had a baby with Blip and then left him I’d be even better off. Single mothers are paraded as heroes.

The media plays its part by ignoring fathers and currying pity for single mothers. For example if childcare is mentioned on BBC news it will be referring to mothers, how mums deal with having the children around during the summer and so on. Feminists encourage everybody to ignore men. 

There is nothing at all special about having a child, it is our only function in life. It’s like claiming you’re special because you can breathe. And just because women carry the child doesn’t mean that it’s theirs alone, it takes two people to make the baby and so they both have responsibility for it. The mother shouldn’t automatically have sole ownership or be treated like the more important party. 

But my real problem comes from an attitude happily summed up by one phrase very commonly uttered. 
‘It is my right to have a child.’

It is not a woman’s right to have a child. It is a child’s right to live well. If you can’t feed yourself how dare you have a child, how on Earth can you be so selfish? If you are a busy business woman then you shouldn’t be allowed a child, you don’t have the time for one. And if you are having a child for the house, or for keeping the man that you are with then you should have the child removed. 

Harsh? Consider the poor children who put up with the selfishness of their mothers. The children who die of starvation because of their mothers. If you have a child and you can’t handle the responsibility of that child it is not our job to pay for your actions. You can watch the child suffer because of you or give the child up. I am not going to sit here giving a damn because your child’s starving when it is your fault. Let me put that in more simple terms for a moment. If your child is starving to death it is your fault. You are killing your child. 

Not long ago I knew someone who called his grandparents saints for bringing up seven children when they couldn’t even feed themselves. I merely suggested that there was an issue with that and now he won’t talk to us but realistically, I don’t understand how they can live with themselves being so selfish. How anyone can call them good parents. Why do we allow people to abuse their children in such a way? Why do we give money to Africa to continue abusing their children. 

The answer is that one phrase I mentioned earlier. Woman’s right. It is a woman’s right to abuse their children. Not only do they give birth when they shouldn’t, they take their children into pubs, coffee shops, McDonalds etc. And if they are questioned on it? Told they shouldn’t give their two year old’s coke, take them into bars or expose them to adult things like coffee what do they do? They claim ‘their child, their decision’ with no consideration for the child that they claim to care about. 

If the Government want to fix our social problems it is this that they need to deal with. The way children are brought up is a direct factor for what they become when they are older and the selfishness of these women is just producing neglected messed up kids that just hold the same views. 

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  1. You are so right! You explained the perspective very well. As for the Africa bit, I can't tell you how many times I have just gotten so fed up with it all! "Just two cents a day and you can save this child." Waaaaait a minute, how much money have we been giving these people? A lot for a long time. It never gets better! Sometimes I do wonder where that money goes? I am not saying the money we donate doesn't help anyone, I'm sure it has at some point helped somebody. My point is how can we just give them all this money and aid etc when they just keep having children? Like you said, "If you can’t feed yourself how dare you have a child, how on Earth can you be so selfish?"



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