Monday, 30 April 2012

Pop: Anti-Democracy

We all claim to be above those in the ‘third world’ when it comes to the state of our society, whether outwardly or just in our thoughts. It’s difficult not to when you see the neat and tidy brick houses or concrete skyscrapers. But what makes democracy a better system of running a country? Why do we presume that the way we live is better than African tribes or Arabic dictatorships?

To most people the answer to that question is obvious, in a democracy we have choice. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the better option, particularly when you consider the intelligence of the average English voter. I would rather have a dictator chosen because they were the best person for the job rather than because a few people who can’t even spell their own name put a cross in a box. 

However if I for a moment accept democracy to be the best way for running a country, or at least the best we have, then there is another problem with English politics: Implementation. There is no real democracy in a country where one party is victimised by all areas of politics and the media. I am not a BNP supporter, I don’t consider myself aligned with one political party but I do see the merits in allowing everybody their view. 

We claim to do so, but then slander the BNP at every opportunity because their view is ‘wrong.’ Is that not completely undemocratic? In a proper democracy every political view with enough support must be allowed to say its piece and yet when the BNP got an MEP, Gordon Brown was said to be considering redoing the vote. The presenter announcing the results started ripping into the party, talking about how it was a bad day for democracy. The BBC consistently produces programmes biased against the BNP, never the other way round. 

And we call England democratic.

Maybe we should take a note from the tribes that remain isolated and happy, and consider finding something that works for everyone, for the good of the country, rather than just a system which the upper classes thinks adequately controls the peasants. 

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