Friday, 2 March 2012

Blip: Update Ramble #1

Update Ramble #1

I was recently accepted by my local university to do a 3 year English course. This comes after a fairly rash decision to apply, after mulling on it for some time. I was certainly willing and able to put all the work in to apply. This involved writing a personal statement, fitting it to the exact amount of lines and trying to portray whatever it was that the recruiting officer wanted to hear. It also involved me hounding an old college teacher of mine day and night until he finished a reference for me. Well, evidently it paid off because in september I'll be starting my career (or non-career) as a formal student.

I did my A-levels and I went to music college, after that I've not been in education (I've been supporting Pop going to university herself.) Now we get to swtich roles to a point and I can reformalise my studying. I say reformalise instead of resume because I never stopped studying, I carried on with excited fervor to try to satisfy my insatiable lust for knowledge and my unstoppable drive to improve the systems through which my mind works.

I'm not saying that this uni course will do that, I do it on my own. What it will do though, is provide me with inspiration, course material and just possibly some intellectual conversation with a lecturer or two (I don't hold out much hope for the students themselves, what with entry requirements dropping and all.) Not to mention the funds that being a uni student will afford me, the government will happily pay for my education and I'm not too proud to take it.

I understand the principle that alot of people live by that comprises of looking after yourself and your family without others assistance. Earning your own money, not accepting charity and such however I also recognise how silly it is, how primitive it is. I like to break my life down into key areas and apply a rigorous algorithmic equation that has been personally defined to maximise the efficiency of how I live my life based on the priority of my long and short term goals.

In other words, I try my best to look at my life objectively and treat it pragmatically. I do only what is functional, I feel only what is functional. I find it the best way to be and it works very well for me. When people refuse to accept charity they tend to cite some random drivel about pride, somehow it damages them to be helped or to take advantage of a situation. This is just impractical. It's also untrue, people who say this are either lieing to you, or to themselves. We are all pragmatic selfishly driven creatures, which isn't a bad thing, and it's worth admitting.

Look at the classic conundrum: "You find a wallet full of money, what do you do with it?" Some people answer here that they would do the 'moral' thing and return the wallet to the owner untouched. The only reason to do that, as with most supposedly charitable acts, is to either present yourself to others as charitable, gaining you valuable humanity points in their eyes, or as some form of misguided ego masturbation.

The same goes for people giving spare coins to beggars on the street. Are you trying to impress your friends or get rid of loose change? You may aswell own up.

My answer to the conundrum is probably the least admitted but most popularly enacted and that is to check the wallets contents, check to make sure nobody saw you retrieve it and that nobody is particularly missing it, then pocket the cash (or spend it directly) and either dispose of the wallet, or see if you can use it for something. Incidentally, on a totally unrelated note, 'discarded' leather wallets are great for tearing apart and using the pieces to patchwork-style repair old jeans and such.

The nature of the update ramble has clearly kicked in, where was I? Can you remember?

For a moment there I half expected you to reply but you didn't did you. That's just unhelpful. Regardless, I just found my train of thought. I call it a train to suggest it's directed, I actually think a ferret swimming in circles would be a more apt metaphor.

I was talking, of course, about going to university. The point was, that if the government are willing to pay me to indulge in my intellectual interests, then I have no business stopping them.

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