Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pop’s Never-ending struggle for Equality – A battle lost

Admittedly, me fighting the feminists has been like three angry tribal folk staring down the barrel of a Panzer tank but I’ve tried. I have complained and written books and glared at every militant looking woman that I’ve found on the street but recently MEPs have backed plans for quotas on women.
This would be an official quota that businesses have to follow about the amount of women working on the top boards, meaning that 40% of these top business people would have to be women. Let me list the problems with this:

          -It is horrifically patronising to women. Any woman in one of these top jobs would be constantly looked upon as if they were only there because of the legal quota, which of course they would be. There would be no avenue for hard working women to be respected as an equal to men because they wouldn’t be equal.

   -It isn’t equal. By giving one person special treatment you declare that they are special, that they are different. Just because one group of people isn’t represented as much in an area doesn’t mean we can mess with the numbers and force some pseudo equality. We have to look at the reasons, not give unfair treatment just because one group of people complain more. For example, women may have children and may not want the careers that are being forced down their throats, women may not want these particular jobs because they don’t appeal to them, women may not be as skilled in the field. 

     -We don’t do the same thing for men. There are far more women in primary school teaching but I don’t see a clamour for quotas there. 

4   -That isn’t how equality works. Equality in the terms of society is not the same as maths. Equality is about having the same chances as the person next to you regardless of inherent characteristics that are irrelevant to the situation. Not every job is suitable for both genders with a fifty fifty split.

My point is, we should be giving people equal chances to get every job based on their skills but thanks to the feminists this may no longer be the case in the future. They have won this battle and we should all see it as a wake up call, people are listening to these sexist and misguided people because there aren’t enough voices against them. Feminists should be laughed at, feminists should be looked down on and it is down to all of us to make that happen so that equality is no longer smothered by sexism. We don’t stand for racism, we don’t stand for chauvinism and we don’t stand for homophobia, this should be no different. 

Essentially this is the problem which my novel Mute is founded on and every time something like this happens I worry that we are one step closer to the world I dreamt up to make a point. In Mute, men are second class and looked down on, they don’t have any chances within the job market because of their gender and are subject to humiliating and degrading practices that nobody would stand for the other way round. The reason that I wrote it was that I don’t think it’s an issue that is given enough thought and consideration, I don’t think that people get angry enough about it. Get angry, fight for equality. 

Human rights are a privilege afforded to those only with the loudest voice. 

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