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Pop's Inequality Spotlight #1


Refuge realises that it is sexist and so states in terms and conditions that the website can’t be linked and the content can’t be used directly. That isn’t going to stop me pointing out how sexist they are. 

The two organisations that I’m referring to on this occasion are domestic abuse charities that help only women and children. They won’t help men despite the fact that both sites admit, albeit indirectly, that it is not a crime committed one way. When is this kind of inequality going to end? Why do feminists complain about being in the minority in certain situations and when they are the majority they still demand the same attention while oppressing the minority? There is one simple answer to that, organisations like this are a perfect example of how sexist feminists are but they are allowed to get away with it. 

We’ll start with Refuge. It does have a section for men if you look hard enough, tucked away on the same page as how to deal with the fact that they are abusive. They ‘recognise’ that men are abused but unfortunately can do nothing to help and therefore link to a mens advice line. Essentailly telling men to go away because they are the minority. 

·    The page that explains domestic violence is reasonably balanced for the most part but then where it explains what causes domestic violence the site claims that it continues because men are allowed to get away with it. 

·    On the myth page the reason for domestic violence is given as a learned behaviour because of the inequal society that we grow up in which gives men a power complex. 

·    Beneath this it goes on to talk about how men don’t just hit women because they are stressed, women experience the same amount of stress but rarely beat their partners the same amount.

According to the website’s own statistics 19% of men are victimised by their partners. These are the ones who speak out, nobody will ever know how many men are abused but won’t tell for whatever reason. The website directly states that it exists for helping women and children, discriminating against a gender is the definition of sexism. 

Next to End Violence Against Women however it seems like an equal website. To begin, I will quote it,
EVAW is very pleased to be part of the EQUALS coalition, a partnership of leading charities brought together to step up the call for an equal world. 

EQUALS is essentially another feminist organisation set up to honour international women’s day, started or at least advocated by the biggest sexist around Annie Lennox. 

One look at the title of the website immediately shows this is not a website that is going to promote gender equality. A website that is fighting for equal rights doesn’t single out one gender. But I carried on anyway. I searched for something about men that wasn’t hatemongering and I found nothing. What I did find however was an interesting idea in the goals section. The goals of the organisation include understanding that violence against women is a cause and consequence of inequality. But if that was true then why are both genders abused? Surely if it was caused by women not being equal then there would be no violence against men.

The most worrying thing about this website is the fact that apparently Teresa May wants to focus on ending violence against women and the UN has programmes specifically to help women. As a country we should be worried that Teresa May wants to focus on ending violence against one gender only, we should perhaps be more worried that this sexism against men goes all the way to the United Nations. 

Both of these websites should be forced to deal with both genders fairly or should be shut down. Domestic violence charities should be legally obliged to accept that there is violence against and perpetrated by both genders. But in a world where men don’t matter I doubt that will ever happen.

The more power that feminists like these exert over the world the further we get from an equal society. What kind of world must we live in where UN equality means fighting for women’s rights over men. Not every man is an evil horrible woman abuser and not every case of violence occurs towards women. But there is an attitude in society at the moment that suggests violence committed by a man against a woman is worse than any other type of violence, an attitude that allows me to hit Blip with immunity.

We should be standing up against the sexism that occurs in websites like these, we should be standing up against domestic violence regardless of gender. Violence in all walks of life is wrong and as much as feminists try and claim that it’s all down to men there are plenty of women who commit horrible atrocities towards other people, like feminists. Gender should be irrelevant when it comes to helping people and we should be ashamed of being in a world where abused men matter less than abused women. 

A final point about the nature of inequality in our country. If  you type into google 'end violence against men' there is only one website on the front page which is about violence against men rather than men ending violence against women. 

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