Saturday, 31 March 2012

Pop - Stop the Presses, The Dulux Paint Range Is Wrong!

Far too often on the internet I see the term POC, which is an abbreviation to mean Person of Colour. This is an acceptable term for anybody who isn’t deemed to be white and it is widely spread. 

My problem with this is very simple. I am white to the point where my nickname in school was albino, I have been singled out as exceptionally pale my entire life. Even doctors automatically presume that I’m ill. Although it hurts when I’m singled out in such a way as this, not that most people accept racism towards white people exists at all, I don’t make a big fuss because I accept that my skin colour is just another characteristic of my appearance.

Unlike most people, I refuse to make a big deal of what the shade of my skin is because I’m grown up enough that I realise it is the same as the insults I get for being short, or naturally blonde or chubby or whatever. But people make a big deal of skin colour, they’re obsessed with it and glorify it above all other physical features as if it somehow holds more weight so oftentimes I am forced to care about this specific characteristic in myself and other people. 

The reason I bring this up is simple. My skin does not mean less than the skin of a black person. I have colour too. White is a colour, if you saw it in a packet of crayons you would say, ‘look, that’s the colour white.’ So why should I be made to feel like I have no colour? The term POC directly tries to claim that a black person or a Latino person or an Asian person has colour and I don’t. I have seen numerous blog posts claiming that the attitude of a white person having colour is just us white people trying to steal something from black people and to be honest that attitude makes me feel like nothing. 

I feel like as somebody who is about as white as is humanly possible, I mean nothing to the world specifically because of the colour of my skin. I have colour. Everybody has colour. And I will fight as hard as I possibly can, in whatever way that I can, to get the racist term ‘Person of Colour’ out of the human lexicon. I am fed up of being belittled by this phrase. As hard as the political correctness freaks try and remove my humanity and my equality from me, I downright refuse to let people go around thinking that white is not a colour. The next time you hear or see this phrase, speak up and stand up for yourself. Stand up for equality. 

People aren’t less because of their skin colour, the colour of our skin is entirely irrelevant. 

I have colour. 

So does everybody else.

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