Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pop: Officially turning my back on the dying children

Has nobody else wondered why we keep giving money to Africa and nothing ever changes? For my entire life there have been campaigns and images of little African children dying but no matter how much money we give them they always need more. In my opinion it’s time to stop flogging the dead horse and use the billions of pounds that we throw away to fix our own problems. 

The problems that Africa has are purely self caused. They have far too many children when they can’t even feed themselves and then expect the rest of us to pay for them when the children get ill or starve. If we aren’t going to just stop giving them money, maybe we should at least lay down conditions. Stop having children or you stop getting money from us. But then this would break an unwritten rule that annoys me more than anything.

 It is the mother’s right to have a child. It should be the child’s right to life but no, parents are selfish. Any woman who has a child when they can’t feed themselves should be shot. Well maybe not shot but they should at least have their child taken away from them. In my mind it classes as child abuse because the child should be more important than anything, it’s rights should be the most important thing. However in our society we value the mothers more, and they can get away with whatever they want just because they’re a mother. 

The situation of a woman refusing to move her pram because she’s suddenly better than you, or ramming you in the back of the legs because you haven’t dived out of the way isn’t as rare as it should be. 

The main problem with our treatment of Africa is that they are the equivalent of a family on benefits. Why should they bother to work and make their life better when we are happy to fund the life they’ve become accustomed to? If we take away the money that we give them, they will be forced to look after themselves for once and through that they will form a functioning country just like the rest of us did. All the other countries in the world developed by themselves, maybe it’s time to give Africa that opportunity and start looking inwards before preaching about our lifestyle. 

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  1. You're full of shit. It's blatantly obvious that you haven't the slightest clue about the problems african societies go through everyday and the monumental challenges they face trying to overcome them.

    But hey you turn your back on them because you got pissed off by some fat chick and her pram in a supermarket or whatever. Kudos to you. Not a big loss, though, because you're ovbiously too stupid and shortsighted to be a real help anyways.

  2. First off, thank you for the comment!

    This post was written as a reaction to the feeling of inherent entitlement that many women in some African countries suffer from, leading to birth rates being far too high. The strain of the increasing population on food, health and aid infrastructure reduces their benefits and slows down advancement of the countries in question.

    As for the analogy of the pram-wielding mother who also feels this sense of entitlement, 'ovbiously' you didn't quite grasp it and I'm sorry for that.

    From Blip and Pop


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