Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pop: LLI: Sociopathy

A sociopath is a person who is unaware of social rules, this is why most of the time a sociopath will be a murderer or a criminal. The term is a loose one which can encompass a broad range of people that may appear completely normal or may be classified as psychotic. Blip shows traits of a sociopath and we have always been unsure as to whether it is related to LLI or just coincidental. 

A sociopath has no regard for people’s rights etc. but they don’t go out of their way to remove them or act violent unless particularly provoked. Essentially sociopathy means social apathy. If you are in their way they just won’t care about getting you out of the way. There have been many situations where I have had to explain why something isn’t appropriate, why he can’t say something or do something. He knows of the rules, he just only follows them if it works well for him because he doesn’t care about the society’s health. 

This tends to present in another feature of Blip which is his manipulation. Blip will manipulate every situation and every person to get exactly what he wants because he doesn’t care about me, anyone he meets or society in general. The only thing he understands is pragmatism. This can come across as bad but it isn’t, he just doesn’t understand society. There are lots of situations he can manage where he will emulate a person and get by like that but there is always a point where he starts to glaze over because he just doesn’t get why other people are saying certain things or laughing. 

Sociopathy can be associated with high intelligence because a smart person will find themselves questioning society too much. Hence why too many smart people in a society will lead to dysfunction. We need sheep and sheep are by their nature dim. The few smart people that exist control the sheep, that is the very principle society runs on. 

LLI is associated with high intelligence but not caused by it, so perhaps the intelligence is the reason for the sociopathy. If this was true, then there would be a higher incidence of sociopathy within functional people who have LLI because of their high intelligence. 

In conclusion Low Latent inhibition is not the cause of Blip’s sociopathy but there is a link between it and LLI because of the link between functional LLI and high intelligence. 

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