Saturday, 10 March 2012

Pop: The Monarchy: Unelected talentless spongers

I have a weird view on the monarchy. I appreciate the need for tradition, the thing that makes us special is the existence of a much loved royal family and I do understand the point of them. 

My problem however is that we treat them like they’re special. Just think for a second though, what have they actually done? Each person in the royal family either was born royal or married in because they were born rich. They aren’t talented, they aren’t different from the rest of us, they were just born into a more affluent family. And because of that we treat them like they’re better. 

The worst thing about this isn’t the treatment, I don’t mind people being treated better because that’s how humans work. The worst thing is that we pay them to sit there in their palace being better than us. For some reason we continue to pay them despite the economic crisis going on which they have no idea is happening and I can’t understand why. Surely they have enough money now that they can live by themselves to help the country they’re supposed to be the head of. 

The entire family is completely disconnected from the rest of us. The duke and duchess of Cambridge believe that while our own country is falling apart we should be looking after Africa and they seem genuinely confused as to why they’re the only people focussing on it. They live in an entirely different world from the rest of us.

They even called Kate Middleton a commoner. Clearly they have never walked down a council estate or come any more North than London because if she’s a commoner I don’t know what that makes me. All these rich people do is shift their money between a couple of families, and whenever a different rich family gets to play their shifty money game then they say they’re being charitable and including commoners. 

And with regards to the wedding that none of us actually watched, how could they spend that much money on it? Why did we let them? They’re just two rich people getting married and yet we paid for them. And because of their ‘popularity’ we now have a rule being brought in that women get equal succession rights.

Not only does this annoy me because the way they put it is that Will and Kate’s children will be judged in age order, both deciding that Will and Kate will have children (because they can’t make their own choices) and deciding there will be multiples of them, but also because if we are going to accept the existence of a tradition and welcome it into our society then changing it weakens it. Now we have brought modern day equality into it, which of course I don’t mind, the monarchy has become a finite thing. 

It isn’t a tradition anymore, because the feminists got hold of it. That means its time to get rid of it and blame it on them. We all know everything’s their fault anyway. 

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