Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Blip: Stop the Russian Dictatorship

Vladimir Putin was re-elected recently in a totally fair and above board election held by totally sane non-megalomaniacal individuals with no bloodthirsty passion for broad daylight oppression and political underhandedness. Although I doubt that you are drugged up or gullible enough to believe that.

I'm not sure that it's possible to be that drugged up or gullible at all without transforming into Charlie Sheen or a creationist. But I digress.

Of course it wasn't fair. In truth, Putin cheated and threatened his insecure self once again to victory; the more I see of Ptin the more I am taken aback by the fact that the U.N. allows him to run a country. On the face of it, Putin is nothing more than a mindless thug, the sad and disturbing truth though is that he is infact a very powerful and well connected child.

He goes on national tv practicing judo, shooting firearms down ranges and generally showing off his classic mix of the symptoms of adolescent insecurity. He genuinely tries to prove his manliness on regular occasions, which is pretty pitiful when you consider that the only effect his showboating produces is to worry his people about how many screws he has loose and further convince anybody with a hint of rationality that this tyrannical infant shouldn't be allowed to make decisions that affect the military and socio-economic standing of a country as powerful as Russia.

What's particularly annoying about this is that he cheated, we all knew he would, we also all saw him do it and did nothing. The authorities, as a show of good faith, set up webcams facing the ballot boxes to ensure a fair vote. Aside from the fallible nature of the webcams (They can be tricked, diverted or deceived in a number of ways) it was a positive gesture, trying to show reform in a corrupt country. This is all well and good until you consider that Putin's lackeys were caught on camera stuffing ballot boxes, thus rigging the election. And there are stories of coach loads of people being driven from election site to election site to further boost Putin's ratings.

How can the leader of such an influential country, that is part of the U.N. get away with openly rigging an election and generally acting like an dangerous, irresponsible prat?

If we want to continue to support the transition to democracy in the middle east (supporting the rebellion in Libya 'indirectly', urging Syria to get rid of Al-assad etc.) then we need to support democracy across the board. This means Putin should be removed from power while a fair, U.N. regulated election takes place.

Can we really pretend to be all for democracy and free speech if we allow Putin to remain in this brutal occupation of a country desperately struggling for a voice?

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