Monday, 12 March 2012

Blip: America: The world's retarded cousin is at it again.

In Afghanistan, Panjwayi district, a US soldier left his post at 3am and (for reasons thus far unknown) made his way to a nearby village. While there he broke into three houses and fired upon the occupants, killing 16 civilians, including 11 people from a single family and 9 children.

This is a startling and terrible tradegy for the victims and their families. However that isn't why I decided to write a blog post about it. What I'm concerned with is that this is the latest in a long series of shocking atrocities against human rights committed by american troops. Tension is still high over stories of soldiers disrespecting the bodies of taliban members and of the burning of a quran. Again, both of these events were perpetrated by american soldiers.

Which brings me to my point. When something like this happens, we should all be shocked and appalled and yet we aren't. A few people may be surprised if they don't pay attention to the news but for the rest of us this is just yet another american doing something stupid and disrespectful, further showing that the american culture is flawed.

Every country will contain some people with the inclination to commit acts of this calibre but america seems to produce and export them at an alarming rate. Everything is dimmed down for the american people, from the news to their entertainment, they are treated like idiots. This means that their culture has bred and raised a large, angry, mouthy country full of impressionable and agressive morons ready to do the bidding of any alpha moron broadcasting their malformed and often dangerous opinions; They vilify the people of Afghanistan all over american media and look what happens.

America should have sanctions placed on it to reduce their incompetence before it's allowed to interact with the rest of the world. It has both an overwhelming inferiority complex because of it's lack of a history and also an even more overwhelming god complex, thinking that they are constantly the centre of attention around the world.

This is nothing though compared to the world police attitude they have. They produce more idiots than the rest of the world combined, their most intelligent people barely reach average European intelligence, their political system is corrupt and their social structure is hierarchal and miserable. And yet, they believe that their messed up model for a country should be spread violently across the world through the use of systematic oppression thinly disguised as peacekeeping forces.

No country is perfect; we all have our faults. They is technically irrelevant but it gives me immunity to talk about america without trying to enforce my own customs and laws upon them. From no particular stance of authority though, I can confidently voice what many of us across the world are thinking: america are the real under-achievers of the world.

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  1. Just some constructive criticism through the eyes of a fairly intelligent American citizen. Okay, let me start with the title "Blip: America: The world's retarded cousin is at it again." For lack of a better word its a bit offensive? I mean calling a entire country retarded is hot headed. I think "mentally challenged" would have been a better choice for it. However small an error, still important. Next I would like to mention that you failed to mention the fact that U.S troops are now fully enveloped in the "war on terror" and all the "goodness" that comes with fighting a enemy you "cant see". What I mean by that is there is a rising rate of depression and PTSD in U.S troops. I cant imagine the physiological warfare and how it must be having to go day in and day out sitting in the baking sun to then suddenly be within inches of your life by a randomly placed IED. It can...and does drive someone mad. By no means am I condoning his behavior, I am merely just trying to explain it. I cant put my word behind this considering it came from Fox News but they had said that the day prior to the shootings the US soldier had witnessed one of his friends have his leg "blown off" by a IED. With this tid bit of info we can sort of understand WHY the soldier had done what he did. One more thing bear with me. "their most intelligent people barely reach average European intelligence." I don't think its really fair to say that with no real hard data. By all means were a country of dumb f**king hicks who think ourselves better than the rest of the world. However we do have a percentage of people who are extremely intelligent, passionate, and concerned for our country. I think terrified to see what a heeping cess pool of corruption etc and a overall loss of morals we were founded on. We see what you see and believe us we want to change it just as bad as you do.

    Joe T.

    1. Well, that's a great piece of criticism. Thanks for making the effort.

      I agree with you that the soldier's reasons are often overlooked and are worth considering, even though PTSD and the general stress and strain associated with an awkward war by no means justifies his vilification of an entire race, nor his attempt to get back at said race.

      My perceived attack on America is intended to be an expression of the frustration felt by many people at the terrible and unjustified actions of the aforementioned soldier and at America's seemingly accepting reaction.

      Your feedback is, however, greatly appreciated.



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