Saturday, 25 February 2012

Blip: Syria: Yet another toppling dictatorship

Marie Colvin, an American journalist working for the Sunday Times newspaper was killed during the ongoing bombardment of the Syrian city of Homs by President al-Assad. This is just one of many, including also a French journalist named Rémi Ochlik and countless other civilians, to lose their lives in this brutal example of a dictators repression of his people. I can state, in principle, that this tragic event characterises the abuse and severe mistreatment that the Syrian people are suffering through. I can also state that, if possible, this campaign of repression should be stopped. The arab spring has shown many nations and its people trying to fight for equality and a fair chance at a representative government: a perfectly reasonable goal, I think most people would agree there.

 In the modern day society that we all live in, we do try, on some level, to build and maintain equality filled existances for us all. This means that when people with a great deal less freedom, such as the Libyans, wish to stand up and take back the fair treatment that they feel they deserve, those with a little more freedom, along with the power to help, do so.

I think you can probably see where I'm going with this. I fear, like many other people, that this situation in Syria is the precursor to yet another war for us (and more than likely the flag-of-freedom flying Americans) to become involved in. I don't doubt the honourable intentions of such an intervention but Iraq, Afghanistan and indeed Libya have left a bitter taste in my mouth regarding the self-destructive effects of war.

I appreciate the equally constructive nature of the movement spreading across the middle east, the same goes for its counterpart in the far east and among the Russian (and ex-Russian) countries. Breaking the oppression that exists around the world will help form a more collaberative and constructive UN which in the end will benefit us all immensely. 

It's just unfortunate that we're having to help while already dealing with a lot of difficult financial situations,  including the debt crisis across the EU, although Deutschland is doing a fantastic job at sorting that out.

Will we end up in war after war until people are more satisfied the world over to enact political change through political, and not military, means? Or will we drive ourselves along with everybody else into the ground all the more efficiently if we allow ourselves to so passionately back western style democracy?

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  1. It might leave a bitter taste in your mouth that we're heading to war again but at the very least there's a reason for it this time. There is a tendancy within the American government to find wars wherever they can, if it wasn't kicking off in the Middle East they would just be picking on somebody else. In my opinion, we should just be happy that for once America's 'world police' attitude is targeted at a country which needs their help.



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