Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pop: The problem with religion

After explaining my views on science I feel it pertinent to also explain how I feel about religion as a whole concept. I have no faith in any religion, but I also have no problem with people holding beliefs in any god or similar thing. 

My problem with religion is the controlling element of it. I don’t call them liars or misguided like some people do but as I hinted at in my dissection of science I believe children have the right to make their own decisions about what they believe. 

Science may go too far in telling children that only one are of thought is true but what religion does is much crueller. All religions that I know of threaten their participants with horrific punishments if they dare not follow the rules set down by the ruling power. The children can’t question it because they are told that other points of view are a work of Satan. This occurs at an age where they aren’t allowed to watch horror films or read scary stories but parents believe it perfectly fine to threaten them with eternal damnation. 

For a form of social control it is pretty damn clever. There is no room for free will, no opportunities for the expansion of thought or the encompassing of other ideas. It forces morality on you in accordance with what keeps the society as calm as possible. 

But the brainwashing is wrong and essentially child abuse. Not only that but they are taught to fight against science which as I have said before just stops us from furthering our knowledge. A religious person has access to an area of consideration that a scientist doesn’t, a different angle on things. They could all get so far if they tried to be civil but both sides actively gang up on and bully the other.
Religion doesn’t have some ultimate morality, they have a group morality that they are not allowed to deviate from, the rest of us have the morality we chose and that may or may not be different. Choice is always better because we are individuals, single people who live alone and die alone. 

Our own mind is even more than a human right, it is who we are and to remove that is worse than rape or murder. I have no problem with people practising religion as I said before, but the parents should care about their children and give them the ability to make their own decision. They should not be allowed to commit such an abhorrent crime and remove their child’s individuality. 

I don’t agree that religion should be abolished, people need faith. But I don’t think it should be tax-exempt either and I certainly don’t believe that they should have the right to treat children how they do. And in the same way as science, religious people do not know the truth. Nobody does. Show us all some actual evidence and most people will convert, we will follow you and adhere to your ways but until then, you just sound crazy. And crazy people should be put in mental institutions, not given tax breaks. 

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  1. My only issue with this is the sentiment best captured in this sentence: "I don’t agree that religion should be abolished, people need faith." I agree that many people (whether stupid or ignorant) need faith because they can't rely on their own mind, but I don't think you have to have religion to have faith. It's perfectly possible to put blind faith and obidience in something without resorting to religion, like holding down a 9-5 job. That's blind obidience without dogma for you.

    Blip x


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