Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Pop: They aren't heroes

I realise that this is a somewhat controversial view to hold but I have a major problem with the way that we treat the Army in this country. And I refer to the Army because we only seem to do it with this particular member of the Armed Forces, the Navy and the RAF are mainly ignored. 

People in the army aren’t heroes. They are not special and they do not deserve to be deified in the way that they currently are. If a person joins the army they sign their life away through their own choice, maybe it’s honourable that they do so but that does not make them heroes or brave. For the most part we send the dimmest members of our society off to fight because they’re the ones that we can afford to get rid of and the only ones stupid enough to risk their lives. And don’t give me the whole ‘protecting our country thing’ because we were the ones who started all the wars that we are currently fighting, there is no threat to our country that these people are holding back.

I heard David Cameron proclaim that the children of those people fighting should be given special treatment which means that just by signing up you can get privileges for your family. If you know there is such a high chance you might die then you shouldn’t even have children, we should be looking down on these people for being so irresponsible and selfish that they would risk their children knowing the death of a parent while so young. If somebody killed themself and left a 5 year old to grow up alone we would be outraged and say what an awful thing it is, if that person died in a war we say how proud the child should be of their parent. 

All these people do is the job that they decided to do, a job that they get paid an absolute fortune for considering they get free food and lodgings. There should not be the opportunity in this country to get unequal treatment just because you choose a particular job. There should not be helper dogs specifically for injured soldiers as if their injury means more because of the method that they got it. A helper dog should go to the most deserving party but there is a charity specifically designed to stop this from happening because they have declared that soldiers are more important. If I went to Afghanistan and lost a leg I could get a helper dog through this charity, if I lose my leg in a car accident I don’t matter at all. 

My point is that our treatment of the army sends our country further and further away from equality. We should not exemplify an organisation which encourages animalistic tendencies and give their families special treatment just because the people who sign up are dim enough to do so. No matter what job you do you are just as important as everybody else and that is important to remember. No matter what job you do you are just as important as a soldier and your families deserve the same treatment as everybody else’s. 

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