Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pop: Some scum swore at the brits

Blip and I watched the Brits last night for the sole reason that one of the bands which provided the soundtrack to our childhood, Blur, were performing live. They were being rewarded for their outstanding contribution to music and considering how many of their songs have become ingrained into the society it was a well deserved award. 

However I was disgusted to see that some common bit of trash brought a downer to the evening and the blame for this has been partly put onto Blur. Adele swore because her majesty was cut off for Blur’s performance and this is partly being blamed on the length of Damon’s acceptance speech. James ‘I have no respect for national treasures like Patrick Stewart’ Cordon said afterwards that he couldn’t understand why she couldn’t say thankyou and they got to perform for 11 minutes, most likely because he will say anything he deems to be the popular opinion to resurrect his comatose career and I started to feel quite sad. Blur are national treasures, legends of the industry. Even if you don’t like them it is impossible to deny the effect that they have had on the music business and it is a real achievement for a band to have been going for so long. For somebody to imply that they don’t deserve to be on the stage because there’s a faceless nameless nobody stood there makes me ashamed of this country. We should respect the people who are part of the fabric of what it means to be British. Love them or not they deserve respect and they didn’t receive much at the Brits. 

Adele reacted to being cut off by swearing at the audience and then reportedly storming out of the venue like a small child. What a baby! So she didn’t get to say thank you, why lose all of her dignity and make herself look stupid just because she couldn’t finish? It isn’t like she didn’t get to say anything. But this is why our society is so despicable, because people like her are rolemodels to children, people who have no decorum or sense of ettiquete and are so stupid that they react to problems by swearing and running away rather than sensibly explaining that they have a problem. It is people like her who are the problem with this country. 

Other celebrities have blamed the whole affair on her being a woman, claiming sexism of course but that’s another blog post. The point is she acted like a spoilt little child, council house scum to the very core, and still people stick up for her. Why? Because it comes down to the same thing that it always does, the talented and the intelligent are shunned by the lower classes that form the majority. Of course people will be standing up for her, far too many people in this country have the same intelligence level and majority always rules.
In the grand scheme of things this won’t matter of course. Blur will still be remembered in 20, 30, 40 years. Their hits will still be abused by British Gas adverts, any tours that they decided to do would still sell out in a couple of minutes. Nobody will know the name of Adele by this time next year. She means nothing, just like the other winners of the chav popularity awards. Blur, the Beatles, Oasis and all the great bands from the 70s/80s have etched their place in our history, this scummy child will go back to the gutter where she belongs and we can try and keep Britain’s dignity by pretending that people like her don’t exist. 

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