Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Pop: LLI: Emulation and Personality

I have wondered many times about Blip’s personality and who he actually is when he’s not around other people. If you watch a person with LLI talk (this applies to both Blip and his dad) they pick up the characteristics of that person. They can get on with anyone for a short amount of person because they have an amazing ability to be the person that they are conversing with. It isn’t something that other people can’t do but Blip seems to do it entirely on accident and doesn’t realise until it’s been pointed out. 

If Blip is such a shape shifter then what is his real personality? His pragmatic and logical attitude means that the best option for him is always to be someone else. Blip will always be the person eh is talking to and so Blip is a social construct. The rest of us do the same thing but to less of an extreme because it seems to be linked to pragmatism. Blip doesn’t have a personality to the same degree of the rest of us. The best he has is the emulation of me because he is with me most of the time and avoids other people because the alteration of personality can be cause of stress. The Blip that I know is the best approximation to a personality that he has outwardly but ultimately, if he does have a true personality on the inside nobody will ever see it. 

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