Friday, 17 February 2012

Pop: Jamie Oliver and the damage he has done

There is a presumption in this country, propagated mainly by Jamie Oliver, that if you eat just one chocolate bar you are a fat disgusting slob who should be shot. Because of this all of the sugar containing foods were removed from schools and universities and replaced with apples and water. From a person on the outside it seems like a fantastic idea, making children healthy and so on, but from a person who lived through it I noticed a lot of problems which nobody else seems to consider.
First of all diabetics, a diabetic person can become very ill without sugar and will often request chocolate when they get low. In schools now a diabetic would have no access to chocolate because it’s banned. 

Secondly the reason that chocolate worked so well was that it doesn’t really go off. The situation in schools now is that all you can get hold of is brown apples covered in the dirt of the machine or water that is so stagnant it practically has algae in it. 
The cafeteria in my old school no longer sold sandwiches unless they had something considered healthy in them. That meant no more single flavour examples such as egg, all you could get was tuna and sweetcorn or some other god awful combination. Not to mention the fact that the vegetarian sandwiches stopped existing because they all had to have some form of meat in them. With no possibility of processed food like a pizza or chips the cafeteria staff were revealed to be somewhat lacking in their cooking skills and the food took a downward turn which meant that a lot less people started buying school meals and people took to bringing their own stuff in a lunch box. Less money for the school. 

While I was in school I had quite a bad eating disorder which meant that I ate nothing until I got so dizzy that someone could force a chocolate bar down my throat. It wasn’t my proudest moment I’ll admit but for the beginning of this period my friends used to force chocolate on me to ensure that I didn’t faint in school.

 When Jamie Oliver got his hands on the vending machines I could no longer get any sugar in school and became very ill to the point where I couldn’t go into school anymore for fear of fainting or making myself worse and my grades suffered as a consequence. I had a six hour lab session at the end of my uni term and had no proper time for lunch so I presumed that I could get chocolate to keep my energy up. But when we asked the cafeteria worker she said that they weren’t allowed to sell chocolate. 

Sugar is an essential part of our diets, we should be seeking to balance it with other things not rid it from our diets completely and a ‘chef’ should know that. Instead he prevents children from getting a much needed chemical into their body and leads to more children falling ill or lacking in energy by the end of a school day. He is a destructive force on our education system not least because of the fact that he has no understanding of grammar or proper usage of the English language. 

We shouldn’t see his actions as a good thing, we should view them for what they are. The destruction of personal freedoms and the crusade of an uneducated man who believes that the rest of us are too stupid to not get fat. 

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