Monday, 13 February 2012

Pop: Feminism and Equality

Feminism in my opinion is one of the biggest problems with society today. They claim to be fighting for equal rights but what they are actually doing is fighting for female superiority. They regularly bully men and use horrible generalising statements about the male gender. This includes such gems as ‘all men are rapists’ or variations on ‘all sex is the rape of women.’

I understand the reasons we used to fight for equality; it was disgusting how women were treated. But the operative word here is were. Our gender is not treated badly anymore. We get equal pay, until recently we got better pensions because the age was lower. We can vote, we can choose not to be in a relationship or have children and any job we are capable of is available to us. That equal state was reached a while ago and it is a fantastic achievement. Kudos to those people who helped bring it about. But now in England women are treated as superior to men. Mothers in particular are put on a pedestal far higher than any father regardless of ability. When the government dared to equalize pension ages so that women had to work as long as men women complained so much that they had to reduce the extent of what they were changing. They got upset about the idea of equality. 
The ‘quota’ issue regarding jobs is something perpetuated by the world of feminism. Every business, every group and every job has to have a certain amount of women regardless of their ability. This doesn’t occur for men, nobody cares if you have a completely female workforce. 

Feminism is sexist, if you called it female supremacists it would be much closer to the truth. There are numerous instances of comments made by these people and if you watch any feminist talk on TV they make wild generalisations and digs near constantly unchallenged by presenters or surrounding people who are too scared of upsetting the feminists. Any comment against women requires an apology but they say what they like. An all women TV show is fine but an all men one? That isn’t equal opportunities enough. And why is feminism allowed but chauvinism and misogynism aren’t? The spectrum of feminism includes both ideals directed towards men, gentle feminism is generally thinking women are better and extreme feminism calls for the eradication of men which is men hating but we don’t automatically look down on feminists. They are allowed to declare themselves feminist on TV and are in many cases praised for it. 

There are many many problems with feminism but if none so far have touched you then I implore you to at least consider this, feminism damages the female gender. By fighting still you make us look awful and it frustrates people that because of feminism we have to watch what we say. Women don’t need protection, we aren’t useless. I can fight my own battles without having a group of misguided sexually frustrated men haters thinking they are doing me a favour. 

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