Monday, 13 February 2012

Blip: Early equality

Both Pop and I see equality as something worth striving for, in as pure a form as possible. 

Throughout our harsh evolutionary history of life & death, hunting & surviving and eventually warring factions and civil wars, we have come across more and more effective ways of protecting ourselves and ensuring our prolonged genetic survival. Chief among which was the creation of society as we know it.

It's all well and good donning armor and weaponry and standing guard outside your shack to protect from threats while another member of your family hunts for meat to sustain your nutritious needs, but it doesn't have the security nor the sustainability of building a situation wherein you and the other families work together farming the land and honouring a covenant between you all in the name of prosperity. That's what society is all about, we all make the silent agreement to exist under strict social laws so that as many of us as possible can benefit from it, we stay warm and fed and our
genes stay prosporous. 

It stands to reason that the main aim of us all should be to help create and maintain this situation so that we all may benefit from it. Living without rule is best described by the famous phrase "survival of the fittest" meaning that the weak or ill-adapted die out, but also that the strongest or best adapted are on the top of the power struggle and rule over the other survivors. In other words a form of social hierarchy forms naturally and assigns people a place in this system based on their survival worth. This means that it also stands to reason that a 'society' which attempts to dispel common precepts of a natural state of survival should also cast off the idea of a hierarchy, and instead seek out a position wherein people work together without having to live under pre assigned ranks in the social structure. Thus, the ideal situation to cultivate the perfect society is equality.

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