Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pop: The Compartmentalisation of Language

The English language is a beautiful thing, from its history to the way it sounds. But we seem determined to put it into groups. By that I don’t mean verbs, adverbs etc. I have no problems with grammar. My issue comes from the decision that some words are considered taboo while others aren’t and it is this compartmentalisation of language which I find abhorrent. All words are required for a complete understanding of the language and for its proper use. Swear words are intended as emphasis, an indication of heightened emotion. We shouldn’t look down on these words and banish them, we should revere and respect them so that by using them we can immediately gain an understanding of the feeling being portrayed. 

This problem is caused by two distinct groups of people. One, those who abuse the words, and two the authority figures that outlaw their use. I think it is about time we gain respect for the English language and appreciate the beauty of all words, not just those deemed acceptable. 

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